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  1. On warranty of course
  2. I will have a look funaly enough I put the verniers on one yesterday and one bit it's slightly wider the the other. But the dealer put a new drum and sprocket on it so hopefully that will work
  3. One side of the chain might be rubbing on the clutch. Had the same on my 562. It would cut straight for a bit then it would start to cut on the wonk so I would sharpen it then it would do the same again. The chain looks and feels sharp but if you look at the clutch side of the chain you will see a slight line where it's hitting the clutch. Had a friend who had four 560 and it's happened to them to. I would not of known it was that unless he did not say about it
  4. the future for food, farming and the environment

    What's an ordinary job?
  5. the future for food, farming and the environment

    The thing is the price of every thing else has gone up as well not just the price of a tractor.
  6. Polesaw for forestry work

    You thought about a efco the head then be tilted though 90*
  7. Nokia lumina 830

    Ok thank you for your help
  8. Nokia lumina 830

    Will it be one day?
  9. Bars for forestry

    Sugi hara but the ones with the resin inserts lighter then a Oregon bar don't need dressing as much. When it dose I have to use a angle grinder as files just bounce off them
  10. Nokia lumina 830

    Hello. Can you get the arb talk app on the Nokia 830 lumina have tried but so far no good.
  11. Right size PTO shear bolts

    Why not just use a fully threaded bolt with no shank?
  12. Right size PTO shear bolts

    If the tractor is say 70hp and is running at 540rpm which would be about 1900-2000 rpm It will be putting out about 60hp roughly. So if a mower need 20hp the tractor will still put out 60hp other wise you would be able to put a 150hp tractor on a implement that only been 50hp to run it you can do it but if you push it to hard you will ruin the implement
  13. Right size PTO shear bolts

    Also might be worth taking out bolt and running it to see if it seized
  14. Right size PTO shear bolts

    It would not matter on size of bolt as if the sheer part of the pto yoke can take a m8 bolt you would not put a m6 in as it would potently damage the hole on the pto where you put the bolt through and if it stalls the tractor it would not damage the tractor as its no different to stalling it normally. if you look for the maker on the pto then do a search of the internet that might come up with the grade. Just to give you a idea though I run a big baler on a 200hp tractor and that has a m8 10.9 tensile strength bolt for the shear bolt but. A 8.8 bolt might also stretch rather then brake as the higher the tensile the more brittle they are. Sounds odd but but you can bend a 8.8 bolt but a 10.9 will brake before it bends as its a harder metal. But might be worth asking a ag dealer which Walterscheid or similar make if not sure
  15. Lightest, coolest (for tropics) trousers

    Dose any one find the pfanners ride up a bit to much in the crotch area when you have them with braces? Other then that I like them don't really think you will find a cooler pair of trousers


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