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  1. CHC

    362cm vs 562

    I have been a big husky fan for a long time but had to get a replacement for a 372xp so was going to get a 572xp. But because husky cancelled the shops orders for some reason I tried a Stihl 462. I run a husky 562 and I don't use it now because and I hate to say it the Stihl 462 is a far better saw! It's alot lighter way more powerful and it is bloody rapid but so why pick a saw up that is heavier and with less power
  2. A 550 xpg with 15inch Sugihara bar a 372xpg on a 24inch sugihara bar and a efco pole saw and a small Stihl chainsaw
  3. Around the Hadleigh area
  4. thank you s g for the offer but had one saw some where else which was lucky
  5. Hello everyone. My yard in the Suffolk area got broken in to today round about mid day. They cut the lock and took three saws a load of battery powered tools a pole saw and a plasma cutter so be vigilant the basterds are about
  6. He had made it so it's a one man operation. I think he can operate the Avant from the post thumper but don't quote me on that but I know he dose not get in it to move it about
  7. Very true but what is the reason why it's doing it ?? Any one from husqvarna on here??
  8. What about shimming it so it sits further away from the drum my old 560 never had the problem either just my new 562
  9. I will have a look funaly enough I put the verniers on one yesterday and one bit it's slightly wider the the other. But the dealer put a new drum and sprocket on it so hopefully that will work
  10. One side of the chain might be rubbing on the clutch. Had the same on my 562. It would cut straight for a bit then it would start to cut on the wonk so I would sharpen it then it would do the same again. The chain looks and feels sharp but if you look at the clutch side of the chain you will see a slight line where it's hitting the clutch. Had a friend who had four 560 and it's happened to them to. I would not of known it was that unless he did not say about it
  11. The thing is the price of every thing else has gone up as well not just the price of a tractor.
  12. You thought about a efco the head then be tilted though 90*
  13. CHC

    Nokia lumina 830

    Ok thank you for your help


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