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  1. I'm 23 have 3/4 years experience on the ground felling, rigging, chipping new to looking for some weekend work on a self employed basis have my own ground saws climbing saw climbing kit ect have cs30/31/38/39 first aid plus f ua1.11.2 1.3 pa1 and pa6 and my own vehicle with off road capabilities can provide references if required contact iain on **+44 7449 224762‬‬
  2. Looking for extra work to get my climbing up to comertial level have cs 30/31/38/39 my own climbing kit ground and climbing saw and vehicle looking for work around Glasgow Stirling area. Will climb for a reduced rate till I'm up to speed. Any questions call or message iain on **+44 7449 224762‬‬ or email iainduncan93@gmail.com signal not always great
  3. Looking for a change of scenery for a week or two based in Stirling don't mind would prefer central or down south would need acomidation or a campsite near by I have 3 plus years experience my own transport cs 30,31,38,38 first aid plus f my own saws climbing kit ect call iain on **+44 7449 224762‬‬
  4. Tickets cs30,31,38,39 first aid plus f Experience 3+ years Own all my own kit and saws Have transport Contact iain on **+44 7449 224762‬‬ or email iainduncan93@gmail.com
  5. I've got my own transport saws climbing kit, cs30,31 cs38,39 first aid plus f pa1 pa6 ua1 ua2.1, 2.2 climbing kit has been lolered any more info contact iain on **+44 7449 224762‬‬
  6. Just looking to see what work is in the area I'm 23 been in the industry for over 3 years got experience doing commercial clear fell sites, thinning, rigging, spraying, chipping know most arb related knots willing to learn ideally would want more practice climbing I've got my cs30/31 (felling and saw maintenance) Cs 38 (climbing and rescue) cs39 (chainsaw in a tree) pa1 pa6 (spraying tickets) First aid + F (first aid plus forestry addition) ua1 ua2.1 ua2.2 (live line tickets) have my own climbing kit with up to date Loller 2 ground saws plus one climbing saw my own transport with business insurance full clean drivers licence currently self employed but don't mind going on the books looking for full time ideally contact iain on **+44 7449 224762‬‬ look forward to hearing from you cheers iain
  7. Looking for weekend work highlandsi have 3+ years experience tickets wise got my ua1 ua2.1 2.2 pa1 pa6 cs30,31,38,39 first aid + F my own saws 4x4 Ppe climbing kit all tickets up to date full clean drivers licence contact iain on **+44 7449 224762‬‬ or email iainduncan93@gmail.com
  8. Have 3 years experience cs30 31 38 39 and spraying ticket all my own kit saws Ppe lolered climbing kit call Iain on **+44 7449 224762‬‬
  9. Got all my own climbing kit (except spikes ) my own ground saw ppe up to date loler full clean uk driver licence and car call Iain on *+44 7449 224762‬
  10. Was planning on doing some recreational climbs in Inverness and was looking to see if anyone would be interested on weekends would be good to get a group of mixed abilities and difrent systems just seeing what sort of response there is
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  14. I've got 3 years experience cs30,31,38,39 my own saws climbing kit full clean uk drivers licence my own car can give references if requested call Iain on *+44 7449 224762‬
  15. Self employed groundy looking for work have my cs 31,32,38,39 all my own ppe and climbing kit have 3 years on the ground don't have a licence but could arrange transport if in Inverness area call Iain on *+44 7449 224762‬


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