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  1. Kawasaki Engines WWW.UNI-POWER.CO.UK Kawasaki Engines UK Distributor
  2. Chainsaw Training with Phil Dunford : Welcome to Phil's Chainsaw Training Website WWW.CHAINSAWTRAINING.COM
  3. Sorry - that deal was a one off and 4 years ago! Drop me an email with what you need in terms of winch and accessories and I will sort the best deal I can: [email protected] EDER Powerwinch 1800 - Winch and Accessories - Treadlight Forestry TREADLIGHTFORESTRY.CO.UK The EDER 1800 portable capstan winch is all about power! With a 1800kg straight line pull it is the most powerful portable capstan winch of this type on the UK market.
  4. We sell capstan winches and would be happy to help figure out what is going on. As others have said make sure you have filled the drum with wraps. But in my experience it is usually the rope that is at fault. Please drop me an email with the make and model of winch and brand of rope and I will try and help: [email protected]
  5. Portable capstan winches for Forestry and Tree Surgery. We sell EDER, DOCMA and Portable Winch Company portable capstan winches. Brilliant machines! They are light weight and very powerful. Much quicker than a Tirfor! Rope is quick and easy to use. Use them for timber extraction, assisted felling, windblown trees etc. EDER 1800 – 1800kg pull, 14kg weight, 65cc 2 stroke engine, 50m x 13 mm rope. Price: £1850 + delivery + VAT EDER 1200 – 1200kg pull, 13kg weight, 65cc 2 stroke engine, 50m x 9 mm rope. Price: £1250 + delivery + VAT DOCMA VF105 – 1050kg pull, 10.5kg weight, 55cc 2 stroke engine, 100m x 10mm rope. Price: £1200 + delivery + VAT PCW5000 – 1000kg pull, 16kg weight, 50cc 4 stroke, 50m x 12mm rope. Price: £1343 + delivery + VAT http://treadlightforestry.co.uk/product-category/portable-capstan-winches/ Please contact us to discuss your requirements: 01824 538638 07970 544901 [email protected]
  6. Make sure you check with Vodafone that the phone / package will work with Wifi Calling. As far as I know being on the Vodafone network is not enough you have to buy the phone / package direct from Vodafone to get it to work.
  7. Are you on Vodafone? Then just get a phone that supports Wifi Calling........ http://www.vodafone.co.uk/explore/network/network-improvements/wi-fi-calling/?cid=vnty-vod-auto/dvynfvtq(uv(bx)ijfjuneejth
  8. We are now selling the Italian built DOCMA portable forestry winches. They are very well built and have a 54cc 2-stroke engine so run on the same fuel as a chainsaw. They are also superbly lightweight using aluminium to reduce weight. Both models weigh only 10.5 kg. The VF80 Bolt has a pull of 815kg and a line speed of 26m/m The VF105 Red Iron has a pull of 1050kg and a line speed of 20m/m Both models have a good range of accessories including rope, slings, chokers etc. The VF80 Bolt is priced at £1050 + VAT and the VF1050 Red Iron is £1100 + VAT For more information please see our website: DOCMA VF80 Bolt - Treadlight Forestry DOCMA VF105 Red Iron - Treadlight Forestry 01824 538 638 07970 544 901 [email protected]
  9. Ok had the Echo out on demo for the last two days. It is more solidly built than the Sthil but did not feel as quick. It does the job but god its heavy after a few hours!! Based on my aching arms I have started looking at the battery Husqvarna. Husqvarna Pole Saws 536LiPT5 It is only 6.2 kg inc battery and has the motor at the saw head end so no drive shaft to fail. But will it last a days work in the woods with no hope of charging? They claim 1 battery = 1 fuel fill. Based on that 3 batteries would get me through the day. But will it?
  10. We need a telescopic polesaw for forestry work. Choice seems to be Stihl, Husqvarna or Echo: Husqvarna Pole Saws 525PT5S Petrol telescopic pole pruners | STIHL Echo ppt-265es Long Reach Power Pruner I used the Stihl HT 131 today and it worked well. I have the Echo PPT-265ES on demo tomorrow. Anyone used the Husqvarna?
  11. We sell the PCW5000 and really rate it. I use one daily in my contracting business. The accessories you can get for it are brilliant and make it very versatile. I like the look of the VF80 but have not used one. The PCW5000 is rated at 1000kg and the VF80 is rated at 815kg.
  12. We have a number of contracts coming up and need some extra cutters who are based near Ruthin - North East Wales. Must be self-employed and have own transport. Must have recent felling tickets as this is a requirement of the contract – no exceptions. Other tickets that would be useful – Windblow, strimmer / brush-cutter, pole-saw, first aid, tractor based winch / forwarding trailer. If you will be available for work over the next nine months and think you have the right skills / experience then please email me your C.V: [email protected] Feel free to pm if you have any questions.
  13. So this deal is shaping up nicely. The first batch of ten winches will be on a special offer price of £1450 + VAT + delivery each. (RRP is £1640 + VAT) Four winches have already been pre-ordered leaving six remaining. Delivery will be in July. Please get in touch if you are interested.
  14. We are bringing in the first batch of these and offering a discount to the first ten customers who pre-order. Delivery in July. Please get in touch if you are interested: The Eder Powerwinch 1800 is our most powerful capstan winch - great for assisted felling, dealing with hung up trees and extracting timber. RRP: £1640.00 + VAT 01824 538 638 07970 544 901 [email protected] The Eder Powerwinch 1800 is manufactured in Germany. The Eder Powerwinch 1800 is characterised by its lightness and great strength. It has a max rated capacity of 1800kg making it the most powerful portable capstan winch we sell. In any position, it is capable of pulling an object that is 125 times its own weight. Advantages: 62cc 2 stroke engine – Can run in any position including upside down. Uses the same 2-stroke mix as your chainsaw. 2 gears – 1st gear: 1800 kg pull at 12 m / min 2nd gear: 900 kg pull at 24 m / min Centrifugal clutch – Capstan drum does not rotate at idle. Automatic brake – stop pulling on the rope and the load is automatically held. Automatic throttle – As you pull on the rope the throttle is automatically engaged. Weight – weighs only 14kg. [ame] [/ame]
  15. I am not sure if the guys on the Swedish forum were discussing an earlier model but the current Kinetic 8x8 can be driven from the 'reverse' crane operation position by using controls on the spool block.


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