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  1. Yes moretens built it logosol put there badge on then resold it then a few years ago woodmizer baught the company lol
  2. Mostly larch,Doug fir, wrc plus random bits of softwood! First up going to be running panel caps for fencing as we keep being let down and 1 at a time through a spindle moulder isn't great! Then hopefully moving on to t&g boards par and cladding profile's with some bigger sections for pagodas and suchlike! To be fair were hoping to build up some value added to run with our core fencing products!
  3. Hi were considered getting one of these small moulders and was wondering what people who own use one think? I know there is some content about these but was interested if people's opinions have changed about them with more time under there belts Tia
  4. Had the nose fail on 2 smallish sugi bars so got a Stihl one and it's been fine wasn't milling though
  5. I think mafell are supposed to be really good
  6. Hi is anyone felling or felled any softwood recently closer to the midlands the better
  7. I find it to be either great or crap no middle ground very springy if felled in spring or autumn cutting results depend on what your milling it with we used to have a forester horizontal with narrow bands spring set and it used to squash the Teath in real quick and gum up but wide bands with satellite tips it's not bad! The little hair thick splinters are God awfull though
  8. Sod it rolling towards you had 10 inch bars thrown all over the place on a particularly springy load of larch luckily most of it was on the side furthest away from the operating lever!
  9. To be fair we always find deeper pits to work better! will ask the old man if he has one anywhere! Or to be more precise if he knows where it is lol
  10. Have a husqvarna 357xp that starts to bog down and stall when hot then won't start till its cooled down any ideas where to start looking? Also anyone know of a good chainsaw/ husqvarna service in Leicestershire area? Chears
  11. Can you run it with just 3 blades to see if it makes any difference as if it works as should with 3 then it might be part of the control gear somehow pulling it back
  12. Would definitely be interested in more info tank diameter door type and operating system would be helpfull also whether there is any fluid left in it and if so what type many thanks peter
  13. I might be confusing matters Im looking to primarily mulch but have the option to collect if the grass needs knocking down a bit first!
  14. I did wonder if I was looking at it backwards I did see some good reviews on toro multicyler mowers but not sure if these are domestic or pro machines and if the reviews are from long term users or someone who just had a quick play!
  15. Are there any good mulching mowers that can do a passible job at collecting? Many thanks guys


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