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  1. Logsplitter modding

    Hello Guys, Thanks for the replies and suggestions, going to do a bit more research and looking into things. It was a Hycrack i used years ago also i just found that the vertical splitter better suited my needs. As with any type of machinery it shouild al be treated with respect.
  2. Logsplitter modding

    Hello guys Thanks for the replies so far, Vertical petrol power one is what i am thinking of. last had a splitter 20 years ago at my work, made by one of the now premier makers. Fast cycle speed and foot operated petrol vertical, never had a problem nor did any of the others who used it. Had a tractor pto driven screw type as well which in my opinion was more dangerous. Have used a heavy axe for most of the time then. Have access to a grey fergie but not sure the limited hydraulics on this would be any use?? Thanks
  3. Logsplitter modding

    Hello Guys, Looking for some advice about a petrol logsplitter. I am planning to buy a new one but the sub 1k 10 ton machines i have been looking at seem/look to be painfully slow on the downward cycle, Has anyone swapped out the hydraulic pump on one of these for a 2 stage unit and maybe put a bigger engine on or think this would be easy swap to do. another mod i would do is make it foot control. I have considered building my own one but cannot find a good one to base it upon...yet. Thanks,
  4. 038av parts needed please

    Hello, If you are stuck trying to source parts try chainsawr.com over in the states, i have used them a couple of times with hard to find stihl stuff.
  5. Stihl Grey Paint

    Looking to give my 024 a bit of a spruce up over the winter. Bought new late 80`s, never missed a beat.
  6. Stihl Grey Paint

    That looks interesting, You are right preparation is the key when painting, a coat of acid etch primer prior to base primer helps the paint stick good on smooth metals and alloys after you have keyed the surface. You are also correct in saying paints take time to cure, the paint may be dry outside but is still soft underneath this includes enamels and hammerite type paints, these are best left in a warm place for a couple of weeks IMO...
  7. Stihl Grey Paint

    Thanks for the ideas guys, much appreciated.
  8. Stihl Grey Paint

    Hello Guys, Wondering if anyone knows where it is possible to get hold of some stihl grey spray paint mail order. I found one place that does same shade in spray cans (400ml) £12, but the postage price nearly doubles the cost. Thanks.
  9. What bar oil do you use?

    Morris Lubricants, Croma 30 bar oil Local saw service decided to hike their prices so i happened to notice my local tractor/agriculture dealer had this oil at a good price. so guess where i bought some. Good stuff.
  10. storing the saws

    Had this problem on one of my saws eventually found out it was caused by the oil leaking out from the tank relief/one way valve when sitting in the upright position, tried clearing with compressed air as per workshop manual but no joy. So put in new valve, problem fixed.
  11. Stihl 038 Super....Piston Damaged?

    Hello, thanks for that info, been hunting around on the web and not having much luck with meteor piston etc but found this Stihl 038, MS380 Parts - Stihl 038 Cylinder & Piston Assembly Not used this place before so not sure, would it be wise to use stihl piston rings? Without taking it off and having a look i may be inclined to think the barrel might be in a state also, but i cant as my torx key is not long enough. Never changed a piston/barrel on a saw is it easy? last ones i did was on my RD250lc back in the day
  12. Hello All, Out of curiosity decided to have a look at the piston on my 038 super when giving it a good clean, running alright with no smoke. compression is quite good also. It appeared to be a bit scored and felt scored when i got my finger on it can anyone tell me if i need a new barrel & piston and what size this should be for this model? Have attached a pic...or tried to as i`m hopeless at that. Thanks,
  13. Stihl 038

    It is the 'Super' model but i think they are much the same.
  14. Stihl 038

    Thanks, Yes it is getting on a bit, stuck with the older '0' series saws. Have never been let down with any of them yet. always use stihl oil and keep them in good order.
  15. Stihl 038

    Hello all I have a stihl 038 and am trying of find a parts manual and the workshop manual in PDF so i could print off but cannot seem to find these online, Stihl CS advises to go to my dealer...... Curiously managed to get both for my other saws (024 & 026) Sure would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction thanks,


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