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  1. Yeah I sure there will be many on here to help with advice
  2. Try Boulter tippers ltd I think they are called, they are very reasonable. Worth a price up from them and weigh up to buy material and do it yourself or use them.
  3. Lm20

    Ecoplug Max... Fakes ??

    I also got some off eBay they 50 for 25£ they was purple too, used them Saturday so time will tell.
  4. And pay for new shed [emoji23] Assumption is dangerous
  5. Most said pay for new shed, quickest way to get it down 46 it up lovely jubley.
  6. Make sure no one is under it and back cut it with a 46.
  7. Also would like views on this truck always run daily’s, and looking to get a Cabstar as going off on my own when I look at the history on mot’s always corrosion and headlights lamp issues.
  8. Lm20

    Stein enigma d30

    Looking at using them as a climbers boot.
  9. Hi has anyone purchased/owed/worn the stein enigma d30 chainsaw boots? I’m looking at a replacing my current boots and have seen these advertised as end of line at a good price. Any input on them would be great.
  10. Lm20

    Action Shots

    Hi mate, that’s an ash, it was in poor condition was being left at 5m.
  11. Break it up sell it as kindling [emoji23]
  12. [emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji1303]


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