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  1. Cheers dumper. Have you got one? Be mainly used for shifting wood from the job. Stump grinder attachment might be a consideration in the future though.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Found some old posts on the subject as well which have been useful.
  3. I'm thinking about getting some sort of mini loader to help move wood from the job to try and save doing it all by hand. Basically loading it into the tipper or trailer. Thinking of a mini loader so could still access back gardens. Been having a look around and wondered if anyone has any experience of these. Saw that you can get a stump grinder attachment and a log splitter attachment. We don't do a lot of stump grinding and just hire one in when needed but thought it might be a handy bit of kit if any good. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Friday evening after a week at work.
  5. Here's my two. Both mental but wouldn't be without them.
  6. That's good to know, cheers.
  7. My older Iveco I've got at the moment is a 3 litre which pulls great. Would you stay away from the 2.3 litre version?
  8. Thanks for the advice. It's the first time I've had more than about £4000 to spend on a tipper,set up the business just under five years ago. Might look into an Iveco.
  9. Just wondered what people's opinions are of the Cabstar tippers? Had a transit before and now have an Iveco but going to need a new (for me) not brand new tipper soon. Got a budget of up to £15000. Thanks in advance.
  10. Got a budget of about £5000. Vehicle will be used for pricing jobs and occasionally towing trailer full of wood on bigger jobs. Looking at a vehicle that's not a pickup, thinking of something like a Shogun Sport or Discovery. Does anybody have any thoughts or recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  11. I'll have a better look. Thanks for your help.
  12. Similar to that heavy duty door retainer but there's a bit you can attach to the side of the tipper body that it clips into.
  13. Does anybody know what those latches are called that enable you to keep the rear barn doors open by clipping them to the side of the tipper body when tipping chip? Thanks in advance.


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