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  1. Trailer swing lift

    Anyone used the Rock Machinery 1000lb 12V Swivel Crane? Wondering if this would be any good for mounting on the trailer to load and unload builders bags full of logs.
  2. Trailer swing lift

    Hi Shaun, Thanks very much for all the info. Maybe worth saving a bit more and get a better crane.
  3. Trailer swing lift

  4. Trailer swing lift

    I'm looking into attaching some sort of swing lift onto my Ifor Williams 8x5 trailer to load and unload builders bags of logs. Has anybody used anything like this? http://www.sealey.co.uk/pdfs/instructions/SSC900.pdf? Thanks in advance.
  5. Wood chipper risk assessment

    I'm trying to find a risk assessment for a wood chipper. Seems like you can't download from the AA website any more. Does anybody have one they would be willing to send me? Thanks in advance.
  6. Freelander versus Terrano

    Thanks for the advice. Seems like a Jeep or Trooper might be the best options to look at.
  7. Freelander versus Terrano

    Thanks for the info, I'll have a look at them.
  8. Freelander versus Terrano

    Thanks for the info I'll have a look. Why post 2003?
  9. Freelander versus Terrano

    No just thought they might be the better options, although this is not backed up by any expert knowledge. I'll have a good look at the various options everyone's mentioned Thanks for the advice.
  10. Freelander versus Terrano

    Was just thinking that for my budget I wouldn't be able to get a half decent pick up.
  11. Freelander versus Terrano

    Thanks for all the info. Sounds like the Terrano is the one to go for.
  12. Freelander versus Terrano

    Hi, I'm looking at getting one of the above and wondered if anybody had any suggestions as to which would be better. Budget is only about £3000 and it will be used for pricing jobs but also want to be able to tow a trailer load of wood on bigger jobs (have a tipper to take the chip). Thanks in advance.

    <p>hi nathan whats your number im interested depending on price is it hardwood ?</p>

    <p>cheers wyn 07875925857</p>



    <p>Hi Kindlett,</p>

    <p>I run a small tree surgery business in Llanberis, North Wales. If you're interested in bying arb waste give me a shout. We haven't been stockpiling much due to lack of time to process etc but if you're interestedwe could stockpile it and sell it to you as an ongoing deal?</p>




  15. Are waste or cord north wales / cheshire

    I run a small tree surgery business in Llanberis, North Wales. Don't have loads of arb waste at the moment but if you were interested we could stockpile it for you to collect instead of getting rid of it in smaller amounts.


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