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  1. Best quote of £2000 ( tree down, wood & stump removed) from a tree surgeon who’s done work for my son and others in the area, and which I’m accepting (and payment will be in whatever form he wants). Can I thank everyone who contributed to this topic ( & to John from Aberdare). It’s been helpful and interesting ( and amusing) Hopefully it’ll all go smoothly for all concerned. Thanks all. john
  2. Just had a better quote of £3900. Taking the wood and removing the stump.
  3. In response to little-p. We initially wanted deadwood and some lower branches removed. Because of the TPO, we needed permission. But the TPO Officer said he would not come out ( even after the coved lockdown). He wanted a qualified assessment. So, a tree surgery on came out, agreed to do the work, but pointed out some bracket fungus. Photographs were sent to the TPO, who thought it could be Inonotus Hispidus, although I said the tree looked healthy, he wanted more info. Dave Wiltshire (consultant) said, evidence of dieback, mallet inspection of branches near the fungus appeared to have internal defects/decay. Limbs failure highly likely. Hazard. Tree was estimated as H:22 metres. Crown spread 16-18 metres, stem at breast height 120cm. From the discussion here so far, I think keeping any wood would be a bad idea, so all of it to go.
  4. Just had a quote of £4470 + VAT which doesn’t include stump grinding. From what’s been said so far, this seems a little on the high side?
  5. Anyone near (ish) to Cardiff let me know?
  6. It overlaps three neighbouring gardens, but they would all like it gone, so there’d be onside to a degree ( as long as there was no damage to their sides). It would have to be climbed and taken apart bit by bit.
  7. Access is along the side of the house (see pictures) with the narrowest point 33”. Id need the stump removed. My son says he ‘might’ use the timber if it’s cut up. How would that effect the costs?
  8. I have a huge Ash tree in the garden (Cardiff). It’s been assessed as suffering from early dieback and Inonotus Hispidus, and has to be felled. Looking for a competent tree surgeon. Anticipating some outrageous quotes, any guidance would be appreciated. john (07974571270)


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