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  1. Ok, so i've used the Stein Krieger boots and they lasted a good while so i thought i would order some more from FR Jones as i know they will fit and there a decent price, when i got them they were faulty (so i thought) it looked as if a larger pair of soles were glued to the bottom and they stuck out quite bad (and looked bloody ridiculous see photos) so... a bit of a palava sending them back (one member of staff saying they will collect and the next day another member of staff telling me to return them) anyway i returned them as i didn't hear from FR Jones the next day at all, sent a copy of the postage receipt (£15) only for them to say they only cover for £10 returns postage (i'm glad i wasn't sending a saw back !!) anyway, ive now got a mail saying this is the "new style Krieger boot from Stein" and its not a fault so i got a full refund without the poxy tenner now FFS! Sooooooo im out of pocket for £15 and i had to quickly run to my nearest dealer to get some boots as i was desperate...... Has anybody else bought this new style boot, if so i hope your not tripping up all day.
  2. TIDY

    Ecoplug Max... Fakes ??

    Thanks guys, i don't have to give the ebay seller a mouthful now
  3. Echo 2511... That's all that needs to be said
  4. First time ive convinced a customer to use Ecoplugs (because of the price) and ive just recieved these that i bought on ebay, Ive never seen them this colour, they surely arnt faking them are they? Has anybody else had them this colour?
  5. Just found a "solid" NGK plug in my spares but i put it in and the cap isnt that tight (maybe its one that ive replaced for this reason) ive check the anti vibe springs and there all in order too. oh well, ive taped the cap down for now so it doesn't jump off while in use. Its not my only trimmer so that's a good thing. (i also have the Echo 341es single sided trimmer of a similar design to the Husky) Thanks for the replies guys
  6. I have and it threads that too ?? its very strange.
  7. I've always used NGK plugs on all my tools and never had a problem.
  8. I screw it tight (its usually tight from the box) i didnt know that you could get a plug with a solid top, i thought they were all screw on jobbys. I will look next time i get one thanks.
  9. That's exactly what's happened.. the thing is it keeps happening... I'm wondering why? and has it happened to anybody else on any of their tools.
  10. Ok guys my old Husky 325HS99x trimmer has been an absolute belter for 10 years, just recently it started to strip the thread off a spark plug where the HT cap fits on. If i use a spark plug with the resistor on top the resistor ends up coming off and stuck into the HT cap, making the HT cap not fit properly (wobbles instead of tight) Ive tried using a spark plug without a resistor and then replacing the HT cap for the correct one and then it strips the top thread on the spark plug. Using NGK plugs and HT caps so not cheap crap. Any ideas its been doing it for a good few months now, starts to thread after a few big trimming jobs! Photo of resistor stuck in HT cap "again"
  11. Yeah i did try and reply to the arbtalk facebook group but im still "pending" from Tuesday.. Is somebody asleep over there 😂
  12. Well.... what can i say, some of you guys may have seen the "Snow flake" brigade on the facebook group "Nesting not netting!" It started on Tuesday morning, I was subby grounding for a mate of mine (yes, not even my job) to remove a Rotten Walnut in a tiny back garden. The neighbor from 2 doors down asked my mate (the hired contractor) what was happening, when he told her it was coming down all hell broke loose, he was polite and told her that it was rotten, had a lean and there were no nests, bats or TPOs on it, she started screaming (and crying) that she will take photos and make it go "Viral" anyway, thinking nothing of it i found out she had posted photos of my van decals (number email website ect ect) and made me out to be the villain in all this. It didn't go quite viral but we had very rude people ring up demanding we stop what we were doing from as far as Scotland would you believe. Now they were typing "we have just rang the office and told them what for" in reality im self employed, they where actualy ringing and ranting at my Wife, who didnt have a clue what was going on, as far as she knew "we" weren't working that day as i was subbing..... It got very out of hand, people emailing me and tagging "Tidy Trees" on Twitter with hashtags for local news and newspapers..... FFS! Any way, a picture speaks a thousand words, here is that "Beautiful, healthy hundreds year old" Walnut tree that was growing over 3 other gardens (with kids toys and trampolines in all of them)
  13. Wow..... i would of bunged you a tenner..... Local Tip sites are gold dust mate


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