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  1. When do we think they will be ready for sale as would love one
  2. 3 phase is just 3 single phase supplies (in a very simple way) out of phase with each other
  3. I have an ochsenkopf short one and long Wooden ones from Clarkes https://www.clarkforest.com/shop/forest-garden/sappies-and-log-picks http://www.ochsenkopf.com/en/products/sappies/ i also drive wedges with them both but not full on
  4. Same as diff lock our guys sign for us if we are out and leave it in the feed room postie is also a fire man too and hermies guy is also very good
  5. had a husky on demo for over a week and would not compuair it to a 201 but closer to 150. it grew on me more i used it
  6. if you are ofering more than one bar option for each size then something like rob D site or wm clarks site for saw make and they also come up with the right chain
  7. they work with Caledonian Forestry
  8. i have seen a very net set up and what they do is they cut in to managable sizes and use a lasco cone splitter to split the stuff and have in in a big shed to dry and have a trailer like a cattle feed trailer which they made for the job which has a sloping floor to one side so that you load it with loader and then fold down the side so that you can lift the logs out and stright in to the boiler with next to no bending as the logs are at a nice hight to lift
  9. now if we were talking world wide it has to be upm
  10. you lot are wrong if its on the books it has to be the fc
  11. NI Tree

    Fencing pics

    the fencing fine but how do you find the tyres on the tractor compared to normal tractor tyres
  12. Busy Daddy is it a 400 500 or 800.
  13. i have to agree about stubs and collar we have some popular that arb guy fell and i am going to have to go back over the poles and flush cut
  14. no they are a screw http://cdn.husqvarna.com/ddoc/HUSI/HUSI2010_AAaa/HUSI2010_AAaa__53.pdf


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