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  1. £4.90 about 3years ago in Aberdeenshire, that was posts at every 2.5 plain guide wire, livestock netting, 1 strand off high tensile barb and 1 strand soft tensile large barb, square 3x3 posts, I'm sure it's gone up by now, tornado wire....
  2. Another vote for the 540ixp, I think it's great for what it is, even works well in eco mode if just doing small diameter stuff, if you really hold it into a cut it can choke up a bit with shavings in the clutch cover, doesn't really do Bor cuts that well and it chews through the battery (bli300) in this cold weather, -12 here this morning. The qc500 is a very quick charger however. It feels well made to, dust cover is useful. I've never used the stihl 220 but hear it's pretty good, have the husky battery pole saw which is brilliant too. You won't go wrong getting it although it feels expensive at the time for battery's etc
  3. I looked into it and it's a big no-no filling up at a petrol station with one of these, I was hoping to get a tow behind fuel cube which is fine for diesel not petrol. After speaking to a company about delivery of fuel they weren't interested unless i was certified, also the lorry can only gravity feed out the petrol as risk of explosion apparently if they pump it out ?. We have a knackered old V8 range rover on the place so was thinking to fuel it up and just drain the tank into jerrys back at the farm
  4. Fill up at the local shell station and fill 4 to 6 Jerry cans at a time (metal) don't go to supermarkets as they have to stick by the rules. Aye Callum cheers yeah I've been using gulf station which up till now has been fine, but they reckon my limit is 20lts from now on in metal Jerry's
  5. This may have been covered before but I like to know what everyone is up to. Been getting away with filling 4 X 20lt plastic cans at the pump till recently, stopped at Tesco's months before as they weren't having it, now current station says I can only fill 20lts into metal can. Working on an estate here and when season is in full swing, quad/mowers/saw/leaf blower/strimmers gone through 20lt in less than a day no problem. Enquired about actual petrol delivery, non starter, tank has to be underground concreted in and inspection every 3 year's and 500lt min delivery. Aspen would be fine for saws etc not quads and mowers.....what does everyone else do?
  6. I think it depends if they can afford r&d of developing a new one too how many they will actually sell
  7. Husqvarna announces next-gen 90 cc chainsaw for 2021 WWW.FORESTRYJOURNAL.CO.UK HUSQVARNA is set to unveil its newest generation 90 cc class chainsaw next year. Keen to see what this will be like....or a bit late to the Stihl party of bringing out new stuff 500, 400, 881, 500i etc?
  8. Yeah it's dear, already had the battery's and charger for other stuff and you are meant to use the bli300 which is about £250+vat each. You definitely need 2 as well and the qc500
  9. Good to know. What makita you comparing it to? Actually I shouldn't really be comparing it to my Makita as it's a duc302 so there isn't a fair match, chain speed from 8 m/s to 20m/s. Early days but very pleased and I like the new sp21g chain. I prefer it to the Stihl ms201cm which i did have
  10. Haven't done hedge laying either but I just picked up the 540ixp and it's quite a beast even in eco mode it's pretty good. Cut and pointed fencing strainers today which it managed but would occasionally clog in the side cover. The operator presence lever is a bit different as you need to push it in then down. Haven't tried the stihls but it knocks yards out of my Makita.
  11. A vote for the logic 2000 here also, I was weed wiping docks yesterday. It can be cost effective and easy to rig up and handle rough(ISH) terrain, also there is no fear of drift etc so you can still work when its windy. What i would say is timing is pretty important, if the species growth stage is too far ahead it doesn't work as well, also you run the chemical at a much more concentrated amount so if there is a fair covering of weeds you plough through the chemical cost so I tend to spray in the heavy growth areas....
  12. Not worried about the machine, its more about keeping it off the handles.....find it a pain when limbing.... I usually just rub dirt onto hands etc which keeps em moving freely on the handle..... I remember someone saying they used silicone spray possibly? I've done something very similar to my old 575 similar to that Stihl, met it's maker from a 3cx....
  13. Apologies if this has been covered before, I'm sure I've seen a topic about it. What is everyone's method for proofing against it getting over handles etc? I use Stihl Vario clean which works well getting it off but is there anything which can be applied to stop it stickin in the first place? Thanks all


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