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  1. No more beaded hand cleaner?

  2. Milling sycamore.

    Interested in some of the heavily spalted if you intend getting rid of any Cheers
  3. Hope to see some pics if you get it milled
  4. Hobby Lathe

    Totally agree with Steve go down the second hand route If you find a local woodturning club some one usually knows of one for sale
  5. Large Walnut - milled value

    I have a piece of walnut that size if youre interested I'm in Hinckley just outside Leicester
  6. Veneer

    Hi Ian You are welcome to it if you are ever passing this way Hinckley
  7. Veneer

    HI ian Got some plain walnut veneer,only about 5 inches wide but 6 foot long ,must be 10 or more sheets .Quite thin Any use
  8. Interesting yew

    watch out for iron in it
  9. Elvaston castle woodland show

    Anybody attending this year. My favourite show of the year
  10. Chainsaw bowl

    Easy composites do a Glass cast resin. Can be used as a pouring resin to give a glass top. Brilliant stuff ,bubbles just disappear and it can be cast up u 16mm thick
  11. Anyone want some marble

    Lost all my marbles
  12. Pictures of my massive deck

    scared me there J glad it said deck had to read it twice
  13. Re Leaf ID please

    Hi Steve I'm sure I have a log of Swedish whitebeam somewhere and what I think is sugar maple
  14. air dried v kiln dried

    Iv'e always preferred air dried mainly because I can't see the point of kiln drying to something like 8% and then putting it in the shed for it to take on moisture again, Plus air dried works better
  15. air dried v kiln dried

    Very interesting thread


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