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  1. That's the spot. We'll see how many we can get out before we make too much mess
  2. Also a bit of English burr. That won't be going for chip! VID_20191018_151828.mp4
  3. To follow up we've started knocking them over and I'm certainly enjoying felling between the rain. Here's a few pictures from the first week
  4. Thanks. I got bored very quickly trying to look them up. 👍
  5. I found these beauties. Can anyone tell me what they are. I know nothing! Thanks
  6. I'll have a closer look at the chain. That is how it was cutting with a box fresh chain tho. I figured it would be chain related but wanted your opinion. And the granberg sharpener is on my 'to buy' list. Thanks
  7. What am I doing wrong? When slabbing with my Lucas mill I get a ripple left on the surface of the boards. This is with a new hyperskip chain from Rob d. It was the same after I sharpened it. It cuts nicely in other respects, I'd just like a smoother finish if possible. Should I take the chain from 10 degree angle to 0 degree? Or slow down in the cut? Or just live with a bit of extra sanding. Thanks for reading Graham
  8. I'm just hoping to save a few trees from the chipper. The site is arranged and we are ready to go so if anyone wants some or knows of anyone else who might get in contact. We can load or arrange haulage on smaller loads if needed. I'll post some pics next week.
  9. I know this has been talked about before but we have a lot of turkey oak to clear, some cracking 3ft dbh stems. Is it worth trying to market a few lorry loads as cheap sawlog? (Does anyone know a company that might be interested?) Or should the stems just go with the chip. The site is in Surry
  10. So dug up a laburnum stump and it had a reasonable burr on it. Any suggestions on what I should do with it? I don't have a lathe big enough to turn it cut could get some nice small planks. Or it's up for grabs if anyone really wants it
  11. I'm also interested to hear how you got on with it. Graham
  12. Thanks for the input guys, it has helped. But as I don't have much milling coming up I'm going to ignore the problem for a month and sort shipping to either Bennetts or Tewkesbury when I'm less busy. Some great info shared though so thank you for the input 👍


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