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  1. I got the 306 during lock down and am impressed so far. I'm not a climber but wanted something small and quieter to use at home and on fencing jobs. It cuts differently to a petrol saw, sort of stalls in the cut if you don't pay attention but certainly gets the job done
  2. Last November euro forest were pay us £30/ton for turkey Oak for chip
  3. It used to be a lovely view driving under it with its lights on. Dunno if they still work in the winter
  4. Thanks a bunch. Some afternoon reading for me and my beer 👍👍
  5. I've been sent this picture of a friends mature conker tree. It's a pink flowering tree that has a few problems (leaf miner, bleeding canker, and a wet patch at the base) but it's a pretty tree so hope it can be retained. Can anyone tell me what this is? It's about the size of a tennis ball and has grown recently.
  6. I've got a bahco folding saw. It's no silky but to stick in your pocket while pruning fruit trees I love it
  7. G13469

    Radio earmuffs

    I've had 2 sets of the husky ones. I found them good while driving a noisy tractor, but I kept them on when jumping out to crosscut timber (with a 560) and damaged my hearing. They are comfy and the 2 AA batteries last ages, but not good enough near a saw
  8. Whole tree chip is another option. Phil Newson works around Surrey, 2 snips with the tree shear. Snip, snip!
  9. I don't know what it is, but can I have it? 😁 It looks pretty On a more serious note, get a better picture of the end grain and seventhdevil is the pro on wood ID
  10. I have yet to try different materials, but I want to try some micarta scales as I like the funky colours you can get. The swan gas forges look the business but way beyond my budget for now. I'll stick with the gas axe for now
  11. I think a small gas forge may be on my shopping list now. I think a knife making thread would be useful for us novice's. You say a farrier's rasp is high carbon steel so a fine but less durable edge. So could any old file be used similarly?
  12. Damascus steel Custom made KITCHEN cutlery set billet blank WB-873 ROVER.EBAY.COM Cutlery sets Damascus Steel Blank BILLET 2 pcs. custom Damascus... This is the company I got my blank from in India. I think I paid £14 for mine but remember you have to heat treat it yourself (it may not survive this process). I wanted something cheap for my first go and a got help from a blacksmith with the heat treatment as I've not done it before. The blade has taken a great edge tho and will now be used at work and given some abuse. Total cost to me around £20 + my time. I'm not talking orders unfortunately but if you do one yourself some of the members of arbtalk have incredible collections of timber you may be able to pick handle materials from. Its nice to have your kind comments, it's a generous confidence boost from you all.
  13. From a rough blank, hardened, tempered, ground and handled as a present for me. The handle is made from wenge, kindly donated by 7thdevel and I'm very pleased so far for a first attempt with a knife. Just need to make a sheath


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