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  1. G13469

    Log Table.

    Err!? Bet that wasn't cheap! I'd love to see that up close Looks too good. The grain doesn't really match the log?/bark. But a stunning thing
  2. Hi gobbypunk. The table looks great, do you know how well the finish has held up so far? And could you tell me what finish you used please. I am about to finish a very simple redwood table myself but I've no idea what to use. As its going to be outside. I'll try to add some pics soon. Thanks
  3. G13469

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    I love seeing pics of everyone's dogs. This is my jack. Not really an arb dog, but a great companion
  4. Spud rebuilt and ported an old 395xp for me this year, and it's a weapon. Everyone that's tried it wants one and it sounds sweet ?
  5. The safest place to put the machine VID_20200929_140912.mp4
  6. I can't help but have seen marks like that before on oak and willow, and maybe sweet chestnut. I'm interested if anyone knows what makes them, I just guessed it was a bird
  7. Not a butterfly yet, but I found this beast at the bottom of my privet hedge. I've no idea what it is yet, but I'll have a look when I have time
  8. Unfortunately it's a bit far from home for a late night forage. They are in mid Sussex. The friendly passer-by took some home to check if they did glow in the dark, to my limited knowledge they seemed like experts. Hopefully I meet them again
  9. First thought it might be chanterelle, then maybe girolles. But a friendly passer-by said I was way off and it is most likely an unusual jack o'lantern. I don't eat anything I find, but I'm trying to learn. Glad I didn't take any risks with this ?
  10. Found this on an old (probably) red oak stump
  11. Just call Euro forest as I think they have the contract to supply. I always talk to Ian Bromley and find him helpful and friendly
  12. I found these little aliens inside a tree tube. Has anyone seen them before they are new to me. The tube was holding water in it too
  13. G13469

    Cob nuts

    Either pick em or send them through the chipper. I'm going to try to dry them and see zif they ripen up


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