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  1. G13469

    Lucas mill planer kit

    I'm also interested to hear how you got on with it. Graham
  2. G13469

    Lucas blade re tipping

    Thanks for the input guys, it has helped. But as I don't have much milling coming up I'm going to ignore the problem for a month and sort shipping to either Bennetts or Tewkesbury when I'm less busy. Some great info shared though so thank you for the input 👍
  3. G13469

    House warming present

    I made it up. I just lined up two straight edges at floor height then table top heigh (all laying flat), layed my leg timber over those and put a pencil line on it. If that makes sense. Then copied it for the other end. 5 by 3 inch timber seems to be a nice chunky size for legs to me. The design was copied from something is saw here on arbtalk 👍
  4. G13469

    House warming present

    Thanks for the kind comments. I'll be honest, I cheated fitting the top! I just used some 50mm 5mm thick angle iron and put some stainless steel bolts through the top and the legs. The boards are 3 years air dried but I knew they would move when the table is inevitably left in the sun so I didn't bother with anything fancy. I'll try to get a pic up soon Also the bolts mean the table is easily disassembled if it needs moving as it is well heavy
  5. G13469

    Lucas blade re tipping

    Thanks for the pointers. I'm in Sussex, I think your right,shipping them to Ireland would be counter productive. Powertools and fixings are the local company who can re tip any blades but I'm not sure they are the best to use. South East saws were recommended from someone else who has used them and could collect from my parents in Kent which is a real benefit. Also Ernest Bennett saws were recommended by fuelwood. Tewkesbury saw sounds the best, but don't cover my area for collection. Fuelwood recommended using branded Lucas tips, but no one I've spoken with seems to be interested in this idea, I have spoken with all the above companies (except Bennett) and all want to use their own stock tips. This is the first time I'm doing this. So I'm just hoping for a bit of first hand knowledge from you guys so I don't have to do it twice. Thanks for the input
  6. G13469

    Lucas blade re tipping

    Hi guys, I need to re tip some of my blades. There's a shop fairly local but just wondering who do you use? Mine is the 10 inch cut with 5 tips
  7. G13469

    Today's milling

    A bit of redwood today. Nice 900mm slabs and plenty of dimensional stuff
  8. G13469

    House warming present

    My friends moved to a new place with a massive patio so I made a table for them and it. It's rustic and simple but turned out ok for my first piece bigger than a coffee table. 2.6m long, bit over 800mm wide and 50mm planks on top
  9. G13469

    Lime and Sweet Chestnut.

    I just made a milling shed with oversized coppice chestnut. Some moved, some didn't
  10. G13469

    How heavy?

  11. G13469

    How heavy?

    Got all the logs to the yard yesterday, the butt was an awkward lift but no dramas 👌 Now I just need to find the time to mill it!
  12. G13469

    How heavy?

    Brilliant. Thanks guys, I had calculated it wrong and used the dry weight of dry timber so you saved me some embarrassment. I'll try to post a picture later in the week once I've hauled it to the yard. (I've cut it down to 8 ft)
  13. G13469

    How heavy?

    I think it will be more than 2m3 of timber. A useful website that, thanks
  14. G13469

    How heavy?

    I've got a redwood butt that is 12 ft long and average 5 ft diameter. How heavy do you think it will be?


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