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  1. Here's one we did earlier - all extracted by quad over a bridge we built on site
  2. I read through 30 pages of a pretty interesting thread (sad but not too much else to do at the moment) And then got to the last page where it all went south, to go back to forestry here's some low impact stuff
  3. For 15m3 a year a chainsaw and a decent axe are plenty good enough
  4. The suggestion is not that it shouldn't be happening because a few toffs are not coming on holiday. It should not be happening the way it has been allowed to happen because it has completely decimated the wild salmon and sea trout fishery of the entire west coast of Scotland. Open cage fish farming as presently practiced is vandalism on a grand scale. It provides employment to approx 8000 people of whom 1450 are in primary production ( the farmers), and the remainder in processing and marketing. What effect it has had on angling tourism is not quantified.
  5. Whats on my bench today? 560 - exhaust loose, thread damage on one bolt, heat shield blown, gasket gone 346 - not running well - looks over rich, new spark plug may be all that is needed 339 - not oiling, stops every time you touch the throttle from idle Stihl 038 - just needs new chain & bar 141 - no start not tried the 084 yet - may leave that until I get a running saw
  6. Give it up old son - fish farming is totally unsustainable in environmental terms - it needs to go to full containment - end of story. Land farming has (quite rightly) been more and more held to account over both direct and diffuse pollution over the last 20-30 years the same principle needs to apply to fish farming.
  7. Look Mate - we are going for a walk!!!!
  8. Attack Spaniels on standby
  9. Warning - Overstressed Collie
  10. Old Pal - long gone - not forgotten
  11. Collie cutter - not bad for a handful of biscuits a day
  12. Looks like you have been reading to much of the Guardian to be honest - you won't find too much overstocking on arable land.
  13. If you don't treat the stumps with Glyphosate or similar you may as well not bother cutting in the first place - every stump will simply send up half a dozen fresh stems. Been there and done that. You will need 1 person spot spraying for everyone on a brushcutter - and they will struggle to keep up Big J has the rights of it - use the birch as a nurse crop
  14. All that is needed to facilitate pulling trees over is to replace the bar behind the capstan with an elongated loop. Alternatively anchor a snatch block in a suitable position if possible. A capstan has the advantage over a winch of always having a constant pull. You should really be using a non stretch rope in this application and it may well be just as strong as a FSWR of the same diameted
  15. So you want to use the hitch to attach the grab or auger and then use those lines to operate the attached tool? Tee off the breaker lines and fit a quarter turn valve on each hitch line after the Tee so that you can isolate the hitch lines when you do not wish to pressurise/depressurise and divert flow to the grab or auger without energising the hitch lines. Or am I missing something? P.S. Never done it but talked it through with an engineer regarding fitting a grab/rotator


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