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    <p>Ok Brain fade yesterday - pickup postcode would be DG8 8DS - I have made an equiry to JST. Kind of busy with other stuff at the moment so if you could see what you can do on collection that would be good. Artic would be 26t - do you have a max size since many of our logs would be well over 10" dbh?.</p>

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    <p>Could you pm me inresponse since I have having some difficulties in accessing this conversation - for some reason I need to search your homepage out before I can view your messages</p>

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    <p>Should also mention that if we are short on larch - and if we are it will not be by much - we have plenty of spruce at that size.</p>

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    <p>Also should mention that pricing does not include VAT which would be chargeable</p>


  3. <p>I would figure on about £10 / tonne at a guesstimate - If you give JST a call they are down in this area every day and are quite near you as well - alternatively give me a postcode and we will get a price - 100 5mtr logs will be two artics at least I would think</p>


    <p>Sorry I misread your message to begin with and interpreted 10" dbh as 10" tdub - I am pretty sure we could supply 100 x 5m lengths - roadside £45 per tonne and fine and handy for a weighbridge - how straight do they have to be?</p>

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    <p>I think we could just about manage that - cannot guarantee that we would have 100 logs to suit but would hope to be not too far short- we are about an hour and a half south of you by wagon.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I will get a price for you in the next couple of days and get back to you - if you are interested they will be available in the next few weeks - we are part way through felling.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>If you want to come and take a look give me a bell on 01988 700532 after 6pm </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Are you planning to mill them?</p>

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    <p>muldonach, looking for enough larch to build a log cabin for a group, Im looking for around 100 5mtr lengths of about 10" dbh, the build site is just outside cumnock and has a decent flat area for offloading, please advise on your prices and availability</p>

    <p>Paul (agrimog)</p>


  7. <p>See you are looking for larch logs in SW Scotland and may be able to assist you - we have a small larch clearfell which we are progressing - decent sized logs available if you are interested</p>

  8. Thinings value

    You have described a site of approx 2.9Ha so there is a fair perimiter to it, it is not unknown in my part of the world to come in over a neighbours ground and through a perimiter hedge/wall/fence. You have also described the intention to take a unimog and timber trailer on to the site so there is easy enough access for a skidder tractor, to the edge of the wood at least. A small 2wd tractor will pull the stems you have described on flat ground no bother If you try to winch multiple stems up to 100m through the standing matrix then bark damage to the standing timber will be extensive. You will also require a good supply of slings and snatch blocks. Do you have radio control on your winch? You really want that - and some skidding cones. Forget any ideas about pulling 20 at a go - 3 will be plenty. If it is all or mainly reasonably small have you considered a quad forwarder? I suspect it would be a lot easier on the temper than fighting back and forward with a winch cable and if you have a mog with a crane to unload it your workload is reduced considerably - we unload ours with a digger and a sling happy days:biggrin::biggrin: Cheers mac
  9. Thinings value

    Although it is very clear that this is not a commercial wood the point remains that trying to remove a random selection of trees from a planted matrix will be both expensive and difficult. Talk of winching tushes of 20 poles through such a matrix is naieve - and thats after you get them on to the deck in the first place. In our conifer woods whch were all originally FC planting there are regular missed rows (racks) which were missed so as to provide future access - are there no missed racks in the wood in question? Assuming there is not then there is still a middle ground which will accommodate some of your clients wishes and greatly aid with getting timber to roadside - bend the extraction racks, get then cleared and then herringbone into them. You will need a skidder or forwarder - but you need that anyway cheers mac
  10. Thinings value

    I meant to add that your original question was - could you recoup anything for the owner? The answer is yes but to be clear they will make a nett loss on this project and the more difficult and time consuming they make it for you - and your starting point is very difficult indeed - the more it will cost them. Cheers mac
  11. Thinings value

    I had the pleasure some years ago of skidding 200+ tonnes out of a selective thin as described. The owner was very concerned about winblow and a couple of fellers had rumbled his marked trees down any way they could get them to the ground, they were lying in all directions On first inspection I said i did not want the job - after some discussion I insisted on permission to fell what I needed to get access for the tractor, and quoted a rate which left nothing for anybody else. We removed double the originally felled quantity. I would recommend - with others that you thin to a system - line and herringbone. It will be much less emotional all around and much more economical for the owner. reduce the percentage removed if there are windblow concerns cheers mac
  12. Reinforcing/paving a Rodden(i.e. in Peat Moss)

    Cheers Marcus keep us posted on how things go - we are following behind you with a good couple of Km to fo - in stages so be interested to hear how things work out for you. Mac
  13. Reinforcing/paving a Rodden(i.e. in Peat Moss)

    http://www.roadex.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/FCE-SNH-Floating-Roads-on-Peat-report.pdf Marcus - somewhat after the event but some further reading for you Cheers mac
  14. A public "good" must be paid for from the public purse

    In scotland you have a choice- 1. You can apply for planning permission 2. You can apply for permitted develeopment rights You cannot do much at all without at least an acknowledgement that you have valid rights Cheers mac
  15. New Horse-Drawn Forwarder

    Looks like a handy bit of kit and good to hear it is working out - we use a quad with a logic trailer but would be happy to have that little lot if I was allowed.


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