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  1. essentialARB

    EssentialARB Rigging article

    Copy sent via Ian, Adam. The article can be found on: essentialARB-current-features under Issue 46.
  2. essentialARB

    EssentialARB Rigging article

    Hi Adam - PDF copy on its way to you tomorrow. There will be a link to the article on our website tomorrow too, which I shall post here. Apologies for the delay, my daughters been in hospital and I've not been in the office for a while. Margaret
  3. essentialARB

    Features in EssentialArb

    You can subscribe to it online... but I'm guessing you mean can you read it online? Only a selection of features are available online, not the whole mag. Can't see us ever going to an online magazine. You can see this a selection of this quarter's features here essentialARB-current-features
  4. essentialARB

    Well done Target trees

    No problem Ian - it turned out great.
  5. essentialARB

    Features in EssentialArb

    You're very welcome - it made a good feature in the end. And of course, all the other features make good reading too! If anyone else is thinking that they'd like their company on our pages, drop me an email at margaret@essentialarb.com, give me call on 01387 702271 or stop for a chat at Woodfest or the Arb Show.
  6. essentialARB

    Sub-contractors and PAYE

    There will be a follow up article, hopefully in the next issue of Forestry Journal (Jan 2013) to this first article, following a second meeting, held with contractors rather than woodland managers. Figures quoted by HMRC are that in their initial investigations (mainly with establishment and maintenance contractors), they have spoken with 11 contractors engaging 175 workers. The potential 'income' for these workers was identified as approx £820,000 - of which only £200,000 odd had been declared (by any means - self assessment or self employment) to HMRC. This figure was declared by, I think, 31 workers - meaning that over £500,000 is unaccounted for. Of the 144 not declaring an income - 60% were claiming unemployment benefit. Based on these figures it is perhaps easy to see why HMRC have embarked on their investigation. HMRC have confirmed to us that they will be looking at all areas of the forest industry, not just establishment - so harvesting contractors will be included too. The main crux of their argument is that self employment is not a matter of choice. Your employment status is determined by the terms of your engagement - not by you. The CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) was put forward as a possible solution - but is not likely. This is something that the industry would have had to lobby for... as HMRC pointed out - why would they implement such a scheme when clearly PAYE should be operating in some instances? I am also not sure that numbers in the industry would warrant such a scheme.
  7. essentialARB

    Arb and Forestry Event pics and comments

    oops...that was me I think. I like the t-shirts, I just couldn't get my head round the red and orange together at first - the more I saw the more it was growing on me! Thanks to everyone who came by our stand. Having moved to what we thought was a better position, it ended up being one of the muddiest there I think - but was a good show, and well done to Justin for pulling it off..and thanks to Steve and Andy for getting us and our kit off the site (and apologies to the guys up on the roadside who may have seen me and Anne in the hedge changing out of our filthy jeans and into something a little cleaner.....
  8. essentialARB

    TD Tree and Land Services

    Hi Guys (and shame on you Tom haha) - our website is currently being overhauled. The new site should be live by the end of this week and will contain the article referred to. It did make for a good story - helped by the excellent pictures. I have no objection to a scanned version being used on here - I don't have the original file at home and we currently (thanks to a service provider cockup) have no internet access in the office. If anybody else if interested in having a feature done, we are always on the lookout for companies to profile. Just send me a pm on here or email margaret@essentialarb.com with some basic details - who you are, where you are, type of work undertaken etc - and I will get back to you.
  9. essentialARB


    We are currently looking at the pricing structure. I would have to say that we tend to encourage people to take the whole package - Forestry Journal plus essentialARB - which is a far better deal at £59 for 16 mags (12 Forestry Journal 4 essentialARB). Both mags are only available by subscription, not at retail outlets. All comments taken on board ... watch this space.
  10. essentialARB

    This months forestry journal!

    hmmmm ok - the info@ address goes directly to the editor of Forestry Journal. I will check with him tomorrow what happened and why he hasn't replied. It may be that he passed it to the writer.
  11. essentialARB

    This months forestry journal!

    Sorry - missed this completely. Did you send an email in? I wasn't working on Forestry Journal for this issue but I'm sure if you emailed, the ed will have responded to you by now. With regard to the awful photo in essentialARB also mentioned in this thread I can only apologise. I had seen it, and discarded it, but it got included in error in the images I sent forward for design. I didn't realise what had happened till I saw it print... it won't happen again. (though the equally worrying thing is that the photo was real life!?!)
  12. essentialARB


    Yes the email is still correct - margaret@essentialarb.com We are always on the lookout for articles and reviews so contributions are very welcome. Look forward to hearing from you.
  13. essentialARB

    Forestry Harvesting Demo 2011

    Being on our doorstep so to speak, we could hardly miss this one! It was an excellent show, feedback we had on our stand was very good, shame more people didn't fill in the feedback form (yellow one you got on the bus). We gained a whole load of new subscribers so no complaints here...looking forward to the next one. There will of course be a full write up in the next issue of Forestry Journal, along with piccies.
  14. essentialARB

    Ligna 2011

    We aren't going this year (as far as I know) but we have attended in previous years and covered it in the magazine. If you want me to look out the articles for you I could email a pdf so you can see what went on? PM me your details if you want me to send it. Margaret
  15. essentialARB

    Irish forestry and woodland show

    Forestry Journal and essentialARB also had a stand. It was a damn good show, well organised, well attended..so much so that we ran out of magazines at lunch time on the Saturday... and better still the rain held off! There will be a full write up in the June edition of Forestry Journal, complete with piccies. Can't upload the pics here 'cos I've left my camera at work. I'll try and put some on tomorrow if I get chance. Hope they keep it at the same site in 2013....


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