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  1. tommer9

    Woodmizer lt30 price

    Dont waste your money. They are overpriced when new, and by the timne they have had a bit of use and the runner is worn and the bed bending (as they ALL, without exception, do) it will be a nightmare of innacurate cutting. Invest the same money in a logosol, norwood or Hud-son and you will get far more years of far better service from the machine. Even woodmizer bands are rubbish compared to (for example) deakin flathers blades. In the fifteen odd years I was milling, every mizer owner i ever spoke to had the same issues.
  2. tommer9

    Landrover 110 hcpu

    HAve BMW finally sorted the porosity on the 3litre heads that has plagued them for ever and a day then?
  3. tommer9

    Seasonally Adjusted Quoting

    Once you have a bit more experience under your belt you will realise what a ridiculous train of thought this is.
  4. tommer9

    9'' or 12'' chippers

    In what ways better?
  5. tommer9

    Setting the blades on a disc chipper?

    It is dependant on manufacturers spec. End of. :-)
  6. tommer9

    Shingle making

  7. tommer9

    Call from the council

    electoral role, council tax, any benefits you may be in receipt of.....if the council want your adress they can easily find it.
  8. tommer9

    seasoning , how long

    there is no advantage in leaving it and many disadvantages. Echo the last two comments entirely.
  9. tommer9

    Shingle making

    That is exactly what i am after........there was one down here but the mill went bust. Need one asap!
  10. tommer9

    Shingle making

    Anyone in cornwall know of a shingle making attachment for a bandsaw, or anyone able to mill shingles in cornwall?
  11. tommer9

    Defender shocks

    Using heavy duty land rover (police range rover spec?) springs with helpers. No lift as far as i know or intended. I try to stay as original (L/R spec) as i can. It works well as a package. start buggering about with these things and in my experience you get trouble later on........polybushes (polybull$41T) is a shining example IO.
  12. tommer9

    WANTED: Bandsaw mill

    Just speak to just saws and buy a new Hudson. Mine was an excellent bit of kit, much more machine cutting far more accurately than a woodmiser for so much less money. I have been using various mills for the last 20 years, and to be quite honest, I wouldnt touch a second hand woodmizer with a bargepole (I would struggle to justify a new one noowadays TBH). The price you mentioned would get you a fine fine hudson or a norwood.
  13. tommer9


    HOw hard can I hit a Paulonia. It is about 60 years old, and is in decline. Plenty of dead wood, but is there anything to watch out for on these things? Are they particularly sensitive in any way? Want to try and rejuvenate it if possible. Ta.
  14. tommer9

    Id please

  15. tommer9

    Defender shocks

    terrafirma big bore. In 20 yrs of land rovers I havent found anything to come close for longevity or useability......and as anybody who knows me will testify, I abuse my land rover....alot!


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