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  1. Our sawmill dust goes to a smokehouse, its given away and in return we get sides of bacon, salmon and kippers in return, we don't look to make money from it as if we can't get rid in its best state we can't get rid at all which ends up costing more long term. The drier material from our firewood processor goes to a customer who is happy to burn in their chip boiler, we looked at the equestrian side of things and they had to have it so dry and so much dust removed and the flakes this size not that and no contaminants, we didn't even try to push it in the end as it was over much hassle for the return??
  2. Thabks, there's around 450 ton of beech and ash approx 10-15mtrs away, I only noticed it today when someone asked me if I had something fitting for a project
  3. Got around 12 ton of oak sitting in the yard at the moment covered in black bulgar...will this patinate the timber internally? And is it likely to spread to other hardwoods in the yard?
  4. Just having a rummage and came across this thread, when vented is mentioned are we talking stripes all round or half mosquito/half solid bags?
  5. A much smaller untha would process just aswell but you'll have to cut the lengths shorter,theyll all give the same quality chip just a lower output, hope it helps! Phil
  6. We got ours second hand direct from untha at boroughbridge, not sure what you'd be looking at new to be honest but used are out there and there's not a whole lot to go wrong, we had to get a new switch panel and a sparky to make it work with no warranty but we were away within the week, very well made considering the size of the thing and the teeth are only around 15 quid each and last for ages and can be turned once (4times if you want to squeeze them but times better spent with two turns) we lop everything at around 1.3mtr long as it tumbles easy and load it a grab load at a time, it'll chew through around 10-12cube an hour with a 50mm mesh, it should easy chew your beam in under 2mins no worries
  7. We've gained and lost customers for years as the next load from someone else is £10cheaper...even £5 makes the difference, sure enough the next time they buy the phone rings and it turns out the bargain logs they had weren't as dry as made out. Sell good dry firewood and you'll never be short of customers old or new
  8. We grind all of ours through a range of screens in an untha lrk1400, albeit no where near the quality of a disc/drum chipper it still gives a more consistent chip upto 50mm with minimal dust and so far our clients are very impressed with how their boilers run on it, it's 3phase but we've truck mounted it onto a 7.5 ton man truck as it will still run off a Genny, it'll do quite big oversize pieces (1mtr) and shred a whole lot of timber for not alot of money on the meter, we can also switch it to recycled timber(full of steel) when needed with no modifications provided the metal isn't overly big.
  9. Well folks bought a new logosol grindlux 4000 auto sharpener, got it setup then got burgled over night so it never saw a blade at all, thing is they dropped the blade carrier arms off and never took them (numbties!!) serial number is 16010047 just in case anyone's offered one for sale if they could let me know? Cheers Phil
  10. We tried to get a price on the XXL 1000 but were told by them they would not export this model to the UK??
  11. We found using a disc chipper we got a more uniform size with a wetter chip and the drier the timber the more dusty it became and smaller in size, probably looking at putting 25%mc< thru the slow speed, pallets were around 13-17%mc but still fluffy even with new teeth so I can only think it's the grinding action of the drum.
  12. We have been using an untha lrk1400 to process pallets fitted with a 25mm screen mesh in it for producing briquettes. The screen gives a pretty consistent size of around 5-25mm but of a 'fluffy' nature, we were wondering if this same machine would produce a quality enough fuel as said in their own blurb to be good enough for heating sytems from virgin roundwood. Now pallets give a good old rattle about when they're in the mouth of the shredder so we were thinking maybe the roundness/weight of roundies would give quality enough fuel without getting too 'fluffy'. Has anyone tried similar?
  13. I like the idea of the bucket mount winch! Wonder what it's like for trying to steer a butt up a bankside around obstacles (with the cable coming directly from the drum) or if a pulley head on the top of the dipper may allow for more manoeuvrability with messing the cable lay up?
  14. Looking at gearing up one of our excavators (10-14ton) with a boom mount winch (or where the tool box is) can anyone recommend any do's/dont's for this?


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