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  1. see kingdom+penshurst - Google Search WWW.GOOGLE.CO.UK
  2. Way back after an FR Jones show in Shipbourne Kent a group of Arbtalkers had a trip to Penshurst to see a few wooden wonders then owned by Mike Westphal. The wooden building is huge, 3 floors all made from timber cut from the woodland it sits on. The stanchions were lifted into place by crane again all trees from the same wood. Has anyone been here recently at PORC or whatever the mountain bike park is called now. The seven sisters tree is an ancient pollarded Chestnut that is so big you could park a car in the middle, we did measure it but I cant recall the distance. There were many original Arbtalkers there that day, I wonder how many are still on here ?
  3. go try the Sip Protection's best trouser the Canopy type C or Sip Protection W-air type A on in your nearest stockist. Innovation Canopy W-Air Type “C” Chainsaw Trouser – Workware WORKWARE.CO.UK
  4. Hi Jamie Go and see Cambrian Power in Tregaron or Jones Hardware in Hay on Wye and try on the SIP Protection trousers, for wet weather look at the SIP Protection Kieu Jacket and trousers. If your looking for budget wet weather jacket and trousers look at the Sioen Flexothane. For Waterproof boots use Haix with 4 layer goretex waterproof membrane. Other stockists are Powells in Wormbridge, Mansell Griffiths in Pencader and Forest Park & Garden in Pontypridd
  5. Les Cork

    Ticks away!

    SIP Canopy and W-air chainsaw trousers have integral Tick/sawdust gaiters you can also get these https://sip-protection.com/en/p/1sxta2pae Any Workware dealer can get them.
  6. You can change the bridge length, add an extra bridge and change the balance point in three positions on the Simarghu harness. see http://www.simarghu.com/ and http://www.simarghu.com/#features.
  7. What's more important ? Weight Hard wearing Breathability Comfort Colour How many pairs did you try on for comfortable fit before buying ?
  8. Two years service is great time to buy another http://www.workware.co.uk/products.php?product=1SLR-KEIU-Rain-Jacket
  9. Your right, we have asked CT if they can do a replacement ankle strap and await answers, ill post on here when I know.
  10. Give Jason a call at Ardleigh and ask him, and ask the branch in Dunmow.
  11. Replacement strap pn is http://www.workware.co.uk/products.php?product=7K65400-Quick-Step-Replacement-Strap Ask your Arb supplier to order this for you
  12. The AirPower Gold was discontinued a few years back the low back entry boot from a Haix is the Blue Mountain which is waterproof. If you prefer a higher boot the trekker mountain or the protector pro are both well proven. A trip to the new P Tuckwell Arb shop in Ardleigh will give you the chance to see them and try them on. The new Arb shop is full of favourites.
  13. How many of you have tried SIP chainsaw trousers ? What’s your favourite ? Did you know the SIP protection have sold over 1000,000 chainsaw trousers Worldwide ? The Sherpa trouser is a great entry point light and strong in both A and C and priced right. The latest Canopy type C has features like pre stretched and waterproof knees, large vents to keep you cool and comfortable. The old favourites of the Progress and innovation have their fan club, we often hear of customers coming back to SIP after trying other brands that didn’t perform as well. Check out SIP at your Arborist supply shop and see the Kieu waterproof jacket, with a hood that goes over your chainsaw helmet .
  14. It was good to meet so many Arborists from East Anglia at P Tuckwells open day, the interest in the new light weight SIP trousers and Haix boots showed that you need to see them to appreciate them. I think judging from comments from all who attended that this Arb shop will do well and be supported by local tree businesses from across the region. Jason Clark take a bow your Arb shop is looking good !


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