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  1. Big Pine in NZ on a 45 degree from a bank hanging over live 11kv,no roping points or anything,had to shimmy up and dismantle it all over the lines while trying to keep my rope and all the branches from clashing the lines. Wasn't really that keen on it but had to be done.
  2. nz paul


    Be a sad day if my wife and nan were reading this forum! Not that i have anything against it but c'mon that's taking the piss. As long as posts don't breach the forum guidelines whats the problem.Everyone's so different with their own opinions there's no way you can not expect clashes etc.. its life. Obviously people take the piss quite often probably me included. I wish there was a section where we could call out all the non paying companies etc...especially when it has happened to numerous subbies! Guess this post will get flamed but that's my view.
  3. Nothing arb/forestry related in NZ is transferable to the UK,its all about making money,went through this whole thing nearly 7 years ago.Your cert in arb will be fine but you will still have to gain NPTC certs to work,although some companies will let you work with your NZ certs.
  4. I think STA travel do cash cards with low fees from the uk for abroad!
  5. Devils coach horse i think they are called,ive come across a few,never really new what they were! Gnarly looking things!
  6. Im right handed and have the butt on my left shoulder,feels right!
  7. To me this post closes the whole debate!.
  8. Kiwi ingenuity! Got to love it!,looked like a helicopter blade!
  9. I would have just kept pumping! Dont have time for that sort of nonsense!
  10. Running back from the chipper? This is the best trolling ive seen! Amazing stuff!
  11. Ok,the marlow rope i got is 11mm static and pretty much has no bounce good for the price as well.
  12. Have you climbed on all the marlow ropes? or is this just from storys you have heard? Ill climb and try anything,half the fun of this job is the variety!
  13. I just got a marlow aeris 11mmm static and have been climbing a little srt but mostly drt and i really like it.Not sure If im ment to climb on it drt but seems to go good.I did consider the hedera.
  14. Search around i have already put up new links on a thread to the zz and the lanyard zz version


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