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  1. Get the rails from rob easy peasy i can uo my 36 to 48 .. two rails and a couple of plates to join them job done ., as for winch to be honest you can get em on eBay cheaper and just the same .. you just have change a couple of bolts to fit the frame but it’s simple ..
  2. Never get tired of using the Alaskan ., when you flip that first piece over and see what it’s like .,👍🏿
  3. I’d agree elm always has some lovely grain to it .was lucky these were sound .. they were old pollards .. so many of them are hollow ..
  4. So havnt posted in a while but thought these were worth sharing .. Gota love the colour of the beech but the elm wins it for me ... the elm was roughly 10 ft long and couple of 12 ft lengths and just under 30 inches all done with a 395 36 inch Alaskan
  5. So what's the biggest thing they would fail on ?
  6. And your chipper served me well until the flywheel left the shaft one day with a Big Bang ! Lol .. 4 years no problems though and I think it still being used by someone on here ?
  7. Not sure where the rest of pics have disappeared too ! Bare with !
  8. So a few bits laying round the yard thought I'd have ago , loving the beech !! Superb colors , some elm and some cherry , defiantly hooked !!
  9. Never been asked for any type of card , just check you insurance and off you go
  10. I agree .... Like I said it's not some thing I would do to that tree .. But I do think half the time we end up faffing around making things look pretty for such a short lived result ! ..
  11. That tree could easily be pruned back without ruining its appearance , hell you could Pollard it and bet my life it would be ball of green and epicormic next year (not saying that you should though) just saying can't see no reason why a gentle reduction away from the property isn't possible ??
  12. So you've knocked a tenner off a pair of trousers and a pair a boots ! .. Not the biggest deal of the century ay ! .
  13. Our street looks like all the wheelie bins hot together last night and went out on the piss together ! ... I love the way the press say " street furniture" lol ..


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