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  1. Yes a brand for chavs and football hooligan type nob heads!
  2. to be honest they are pretty useless imo! I broke my wrist pretty badly a few years ago, did wear a brace for a month or 2 when climbing after I started back but didn't help much. It was a 661 motocross/mtb one is that helps though. Way I see it is brace or no brace your always going to be putting a huge amount and strain and stress through the wrist! You could always try using a power ball to see if that's helps, Made my wrists a lot stronger and supposed to be good for you
  3. I think it's pretty harsh to discipline said climbers, although as said even myself as a younger climber I do think some lads take a easy route of sometimes if they don't fancy it or looks too high for them. Not saying this was the case at all in the op instance. on the other hand I have climbed trees I should have said no too, so have my workmates, which safe to say almost led to very serious accident/death. So when you look at both sides is it really worth it, better to be safe than sorry. Also please correct me if I'm wrong but I have found the mentality of a employee is one much less willing take risks compared to the buisness owner as its their company and job etc, the lads are always going to be paid the same if they climb or not which is why they have probably decided to knock it on the head that certain day
  4. Thanks for the advice, got plenty of time of Xmas to have a look at it. In all fairness I've had it around 3 months, it had a little hick up few days ago cutting out but has been totally fine since. I prefer it over the 550 as the ones that I used had there fair share of problems Cheers anyway
  5. So far I have found tree of heaven, horrible horrible things! Look lovely but so brittle it's scary. I went to pull myself up on a what should of been sturdy branch that just snapped. Also had my anchor point snap in a larch, was lucky with that one though it just peeled back, still un nerving though
  6. As above, concerned about the 261 playing up, so how do I go about greasing the required bearing? I have had a look but can't seem to figure it out! Thanks
  7. Thanks mate I will give that a go! I would be well happy if in could sort this out, goes well for a little saw
  8. Will try the 241 next time thanks for the advice
  9. Yes I appreciate that, It's only here for smashing away through little stuff, and it's a cheap machine but just wondered if in any way could be improved
  10. It's about 2 months old. It's just annoying me as it would be a nice saw and very light if it wasn't for the trigger, and would use it a lot more instead of the 261. It just feels really cheap and very un comfortable to use might have a word with dealer
  11. Got a stihl 181, it wouldn't be a bad saw if they trigger wasn't really hard to operate, feel like I'm getting carpal tunnel everytime I use it. I have noticed it's just with stihl smaller saws, as my 261 is fine. Anyone know if there is a mod? I appreciate its only a cheap saw but I can't use if for longer than a hour before it starts to get me. Cheers!
  12. Cheer up guys! Yes Christmas is a crazy period! But now it's all about spending time with family and friends, everyone getting together!! Get a heart arbtalk!
  13. I have a 261! Good saw, and reliable so far after 2 months of hard work! We had 550 at my old place and the amount of problems was ridiculous. Same with the 540 top handle and 390, 372 also! Anyway stihl has been good so far! I also have a little Husky 135 and that's playing up. I'm done with husky
  14. Cloud9climber

    Xbox one

    Game! Depends what you're into but console Fifa, gta and forms for 350, best I have found so far!
  15. Brilliant thanks for the info. Don't Need to know anything in particular just interested to see if they can live upto some of the bigger models. I know some people slate the earlier green mechs and wasn't sure when they came about. Thanks


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