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  1. Echo combi system

    Hi guys Has anyone got the echo combi/multi tool? I'm thinking about getting one after buying a 360tes and would like some reviews. Thanks!
  2. General Tree pics

    Beech Tree from the other day...
  3. Stihl 08s

    Been sitting in the garage for years. And there's me thinking it would look nice on a shelf! Anybody restored any old stihls? Something I would love to do...
  4. First pollard of a willow

    Ok thanks guys!
  5. First pollard of a willow

    Well I'm not looking to top it or do a bad job. That's why I'm asking advice on how you would tackle it. I shall load a pic up tomorrow.
  6. First pollard of a willow

    I don't want to make a hatrack of it. So this would mean reducing it back to two stems, basically removing the crown?
  7. First pollard of a willow

    Hi all. I have a large willow to pollard for the first time it's a twin stem and remains pretty bare until about 20 ft up. I've re pollarded many willows all be it smaller, and am looking for advice on first time pollard! What should I be aiming for and what should I absolutely not do!? The customer is happy with whatever I decide to do, and I'd love your advice. I appreciate a pic would help. Thanks!
  8. Just how brittle is ash...

    Ash Is pretty tough stuff in comparison. With ash you are more likely to notice it when cutting. Free fall step cuts will go with a bang if there is some weight on it.
  9. Hi all. So my Business partner and I have been up and running since last July, and keeping surprisingly busy. My question is,now we have so much wood coming in (all be it a variety) what should we do with it? We have a log splitter and space to store logs and a bandsaw for milling. Failing that we could just sell all our wood in bulk to a firewood supplier Whats the best idea? I have no problem storing wood to be milled or split for logs, but is it really worh the agro?
  10. Chainsaw boots

    You can pick up a pair of tree hog leather boots for about 110 I think. Not a bad boot until you want to put spikes on. Mine lasted just over a year...
  11. Kit bags!

    Thanks chaps, much appreciated.
  12. Whats the weather like near you?

    I'm in Northampton and we now have snow settling. Thanks.
  13. Go on then, What was your best Present??

    Hitch climber set up from the GF!
  14. Kit bags!

  15. Kit bags!

    Nice! Waterproof as well? Haha


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