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  1. Good responses chaps, thank you. Her money is currently in premium bonds and won a couple of £25 but that’s it. The “what if” of winning a larger sum is obviously very appealing but not guaranteed and I want to maximise her money with definite growth. Have friends who have done well with Bitcoin but it’s too risky for me to invest her money in (plus seems a bit late to the show now) happy to do my own but not hers. Been on waiting list to open a trading 212 account for a few months now (it’s seriously backdated due to the Gamestop chaos), but still waiting so maybe a separate thread on investments might be in order when I do get the account set up. I like the junior ISA’s as they are guaranteed growth and safe. But I also have the temptation of maybe splitting it half and 50% lump sum + monthly direct debit to a junior ISA and 50% of the deposit + monthly direct debit to an investment ISA, maybe starting at high risk then reducing to medium risk after 10-15 years then as it gets closer to cashing it in move to a low risk strategy. This way half of her money has the “potential” for some decent growth and the other half still is safe with a fixed guaranteed interest.
  2. What do people use to save for their children? Premium bonds, ISA’s, Investment ISA (what risk category?) junior ISA’s etc? Lump sum of about £4,000 already and will add £100/ month for approx 20 years. Any help much appreciated
  3. Cannot recommend Zac highly enough. He worked for our family business a fair bit before unfortunately he had to move a bit further afield. Extremely good with customers, very hard working, great common sense and a pleasure to work with. Best of luck with work mate I’m sure somebody will snap you up.
  4. 2.5 litre 2006 hilux here with 98,000 miles on and never had any smoke in the slightest. Filled up with tescos fuel once though and it would cut out at start up a few times but just never used their fuel again and never had a problem after that tank full. Good luck mate
  5. I have a 2.5 single cab mk6, absolutely bullet proof! Not the most powerful engine because there not trying to squeeze every single last horse power out of it that they can and that's why it's so reliable! It's just freakishly reliable and will carry massive loads all day, every day!!
  6. Severely damaged my digestive system from food poisoning (Campylobacter) about 6 years ago. 2 other repeated infections of Campylobacter and lots of antibiotics to get rid of pneumonia a couple of years after initial infection completely and utterly destroyed my entire health. It's been a long road to recovery and nowhere near back to full health but I have learnt tonnes along the way. My single biggest contributor, against all the 'drugs' I've been described, is a natural fermented drink called Kefir. Nothing has come close to repairing the damage that was done than to kefir, it is completely natural incredibly easy to make and I HIGHLY recommend reading up on it if you have digestive issues. In second place I would consider bone broth. Again obscenely easy to make and an awesome natural digestive healer. The only man made thing that has given me any relief and helped (really great for bad flair ups) is a course of VSL probiotics. Very expensive but can sort out flair ups for me in about 24hours. 2 sachets a day for first week to get back on top of things then a sachet a day for however long you want to do it. Also antibiotics should be seen as a last resort! Yes they are fantastic and life saving some times, but they kill ALL bacteria! Not just the bad! They decimate the good bacteria in the gut which is the very first form of defence in our bodies and is crucial to every single aspect of everybody's life's!
  7. Nice one Scott, Let me know how it was mate. I've got to wait till bloody March to go. Hope you enjoyed it
  8. Hi mate, I'm only 26 but been doing this work since I was about 13 and earlier this year my hands became agony. I was really worried as just can't take that much time off for an operation. They were so bad it was agony just sitting on the sofa doing nothing so I decided to find some stretches on the Internet for cts and did them religiously for a week and the pain massively went down. Carried on doing them for a month or two and all my pain went and I read knuckle (martial art) push ups can be good for strengthening the wrist and preventing cts so incorporated them too and I haven't had any problems since (9 months later). I never went to the doctors so never had it confirmed as cts but this has MASSIVELY helped me and I just couldn't be doing with 6 weeks of work. Something to maybe try and bare in mind.
  9. Was meant to go today but had work so missed it (and went Eastbourne last weekend) but just can't believe it. My sister was at Ferring beach and a man turned up with a smashed rear windscreen and my dad started up conversation with him and it turns out some debris from the crash had smashed it and he had only just got away. Lucky chap. Really is a very sad story and I expect there will be a massive change in safety protocols for air shows from now on. All displays over only fields and no public areas etc. Was at Biggin hill a fair few years ago and saw a single seater crash on the Sunday and the day before a twin seater crashed too. Forget what a dangerous sport it is. Was a surreal experience seeing that crash back then and the chap died let alone at least 7 casualties with this one. Really really horrible. I expect the poor pilot is going to at the very least have severe burns if he survives, can't believe anyone could survive that.
  10. Don't forget the crippled NHS and public services!!!!
  11. Nice to see people's kind gestures. Worked for Scott a fair few times and he's one of the most genuine, decent, hard working blokes I've ever met. First heard of this by my sister reading a police post on Facebook and was praying it wasn't Scott who had been hit but alas no. Spoke to Scott and sadly the scum bags have totally cleared him out. I sadly expect no one will hear/see/know anything, but if you do or can you will be helping a genuinely brilliant guy who's now basically got to start again because these people can't help themselves from stealing. Chin up mate you know you've got help round the corner of you need it mate. Lloyd
  12. Thanks for your help chaps, Managed to sort it, it was more in the way of fitting the actual brake system onto the disc and the holding bracket which we struggled with. Help much appreciated
  13. Minch that would be awesome mate if someone doesn't do one quicker. Not sure on price yet, awaiting the invoice. Had to be done though. Over 10 years of SERIOUS abuse and it's still an absolute beast!! Incredible little machine!!


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