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  1. If the recording was summoned by the courts i'm not sure if GDPR would even apply in such case
  2. 2 things. That arm looks literally like it will snap the first time some side loading happens. Secondly, can someone explain why the petzl zigzag would suddenly be ok to use in SRT whereas it was a big no no with a none petzl derived device?
  3. I'd put my money on the 462 if the 461 is anything to go on
  4. No, flutter between a few different companies, working with people of mixed abilities. If I had the same groundsman every day I would be more inclined to spend time teaching them
  5. As above. If you're that worried then unscrew the cap a little to let some air flow. Of coourse strictly speaking we should all have dedicated fuel storage, but like that happens
  6. Not a chance. When I get to site its all systems go. I wouldn't be comfortable with a groundies ability to safely use a rescue system based on a quite walk through. Needs to be a practised element
  7. Ouch indeed. Having his arm there was a massive error obviously. Always be prepared to move when you're rigging
  8. Been looking at new options and came across this thread. I take it this never went to market in any form? I looked at the Stein outreach but a quick google search put me off
  9. jones

    Rate My Hinge.

    I still use metal wedges although they are mushroomed quite badly and need replaced. They can be picked up at ironmongers/tool shops. Can't remember the last time I saw one in an arb shop though. Steel all the way. Only plastic wedge I own is on my harness for big removals
  10. jones

    Lombardy Take Down

    Cracking work RC0, thanks for sharing
  11. jones

    Crazy yank boots

    They look ridiculous!!!!
  12. So what is all this Treespect all about Sean?
  13. Anyone here done it themselves? Theres some cheap kits on ebay and plenty of videos on youtube that make it look pretty straight forward, but is it? The last thing I want to do is try and save myself cash by getting a £20 screen but then subsequently killing my phone in the process. Also I assume these ebay screens aren't genuine. Is the quality ok on them?
  14. cant believe this is even an issue. The owner isn't the one that wants the tree removed. I'd say hes being pretty amicable even letting the neighbour have their wishes. Why should he have to pay for something he didn't necessarily want done?


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