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  1. Can anyone recommend a Loler inspector based around the Gloucester? Cheers, Mike
  2. Just a little pointer...when descending, press down and hold down the spring loaded top plate and feather the rest of the links. I always found that it was jerky cause the top plate sprung up engaging the rest of the links on descent. If you have a long descent to do, just press down on the links and run down open, there's enough friction in the rope running through the "opened" links to steady you meaning you can brace the descent with your legs when you reach the floor without much fuss or stress I’ll give that a go. I usually boom out. Hence why I got the zz to stop burning though so many hitches 😥
  3. It’s when I’m descending with my weight in it. I do like it for branch walking and in some cases prefer it over using srt. i have been sticking with it for the past few days and It has been getting smoother. Just not as fast or controlled as I would be on a hitch.
  4. I am not liking my zag. I played with mates back in November and it was smooth as butter. So decided to buy one for myself. However since I’ve had mine it’s been more jerky then a pervert in a strip club. Tried it on two different, brand new ropes (vega and Drenaline) and it’s been same. It looks like I’m disengaging all the top links and the bottom link before the pulley is holding all the weight. Anyone else had this problem? It’s a piece of kit I want to like, but obviously I don’t at the minute
  5. People tend not to take on the educated reasonings we say to them. So I tend to tell them to fuck off
  6. I used to use two ropes and kept my zz on one which was used solely as a double and the other line solely for working srt or access. But since developing tennis elbow I’ve lightened my kit bag somewhat and have removed my static rope. It’s a pain threading the zz on and off all the time when changing and to keep with manufacturers recommendations I won’t use it in a zz/wrench combo. In all honesty I’ve gone back to the hitch climber and a good fashioned friction knot. I think it’s the best option out there to use both climbing systems using the same rope without faffing about getting the zz on and off your rope.
  7. What’s your company called? I do regular subbing to a Cheltenham based firm already
  8. Has this article been removed? I was looking forward to a good read
  9. Hope not just noticed my mistake 😂
  10. I’ve got no plans on retiring or a pension. Rather work til in dead
  11. Anyone know if there’s any price difference ordering from Australia rather than America?
  12. I brought a New England one a few years ago with a two way snap on. So they must be about. I hope so anyway. I’m in the same boat. Needing a new one too
  13. Always depends on there function. I like have multiple karbs of the same shapes so I can swap them about and ‘share the wear’ so to speak. I think it’s more of a personal piece of mind thing I do it for


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