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  1. I have an arbortec rope bag, 50 litre I think. plenty of space for my everyday kit. I have another duffle bag where I keep my other bits. Waterproofs, spare cord, flip wire, chains, etc
  2. Anyone used one? Notice any difference using it over a stiff one?
  3. Does anyone know who makes stein ropes, particularly there 11.7 ones? My guess would be Yale, which would be great. I’ve always been a big fan of Yale ropes and my current calamine is due to be replaced soon. So knowing Yale do stein ropes will broaden my options and keep my noodle in check 😕 Has anyone used them and can comment on there performance? cheers
  4. I was looking at one of them. I might just get one of them and be done with it
  5. Hi guys. What wire is best for making your own fids? got some thin stuff from a garden store, great for small diameter stuff. but it’s too fiddly and bends like mad using a long piece Cheers, Mike
  6. Hiya Tommy. Its ok, no worries. To be honest I haven’t really tried any to be honest. Just spliced a few throwlines and other bits and bobs with Brummels. But that’s really it
  7. I’m enjoying 10mm OP at 80cm tied as a knut on my Yale 11.7. I’m finding it buttery smooth 👌
  8. In that scenario then I suppose the quickie would be better than a ring. But there is the pinto tie in. Personally though I choose not to base tie and rarely do so. So I’ve never came across the situation I needed to swap
  9. When did I say I stand there feeding 30-40metre through a ring up the tree? If I need to advance my tie in. I’ll tie a running bowline from the ground and either clip in a small retrieval line or use the tail. Depending on the size of the tree.
  10. I’d rather use a ring to be honest
  11. I like the idea of the quickie. But i couldn’t trust it enough. I was always in fear that it could roll over and the slic pin being pushed out. I did like it for trunk work but I couldn’t keep it in my kit bag just for that purpose.
  12. Choke off with a running bowline using a ring and clip a second line on. Really easy to untie, advance then re-tie. Or instead of the second line use the tail of your line
  13. Rope length and I suppose climbing in general is very personal to each and every one of us. For me I use a 40m and 20m. I can’t stand having more rope than I need, it’s just a ‘tidy’ thing I have. Most of the work I do I’ll use a canopy tie so I’ll use whatever length best suits the job. If I need more of a working end, I’ll add the shorter rope onto the retrieval end and coil up any excess to not get in the way.
  14. Hello everyone, I'm keen to learn how to splice my own ropes, friction cords, etc. I’ve done a few locking Brummells recently but only on my throwlines, accessory cords. Stuff which is not life support, which I followed some instructions from YouTube. It’s my understanding that there’s different splices for different constructions of rope and that some ropes require some alterations? What’s peoples recommendations on what splices to try? wheres the best instructions? I’m particularly keen on splicing OP for my hitches. Where would be best place to get a batch break tested before I started using them? cheers for the help. Mike
  15. Stopped using the chin strap a while ago. Had a few occasions where it’s got caught up and pulled my head back. Not the greatest thing to happen when working on the tips of branches.


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