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  1. Evening all, Could someone help me with this fungi ID. its at the base of Willow. Thanks in advance.
  2. Good evening all... I wanted to ask some advice, same topic... The owners have requested to keep the timber, on the condition that the timber is moved from the tree to an area 200m away. This obviously involves extra expence, I have priced in for skidsteer to move the timber, yet, my question is can we as the contractor dictate that the owner, is responsible for the cost and not my client (their neighbour), or is that something for the client and owner to agree between themselves? I would appreciate any advice or experience you guys may have? My assumption is that its an agreement between client and person keeping the wood, and not something I be involved in?
  3. Good evening all.... I thought I might update you all, as its all got quite funny... Since my last update I have talked with the owner, where he raised queries over the birds and bats in the tree...there are birds but no bats, however, despite being told areas of safety out weigh the nesting season, he quickly changed his tune to trying to get the council to pay for the works, because in his mind they condemned the tree when the removed a limb, 18 years ago and they are therefore liable for the costs to remove it. He then refused to give access onto his property or for the removal of the tree untill he had written confirmation from the council. The funny thing is, after refusing to contribute to any of the costs for the removal I later received a phone call from my client to say that they had been approached by a different contractor, employed and therefore paid by the owner to remove the tree. 😆😆. I wonder where the non existant money appeared from... It all went quiet again, I was feeling greatful as my clients didn't have to pay a penny. However, recently, I received an email from the owner instructing me to carry out the works. The second part to this saga is that the owner has refused permission to remove the Lawson, next to it and instead reduce it by 5 metres (This is the recommendation of the local TO, yet the county TO has recommended removal...confusing) to compensate for the increase in the prevailing winds after the oak has been removed. Just to clarify the LPA have given permission for both trees to be removed. This will make our lives harder with the removal but I would ask if anyone has experience with adjusting their estimates after the circumstances change. It is in my terms and conditions that the price can be adjusted after a period of 30 days, however, regardless the spec has changed. I imagine he is assuming it will bring the cost down, but it will force the price up...imo. In all honesty of just getting tired and board of this and half tempted to walk away...the only reason I might carry out the works is because the clients are family friends and terrified the thing will fall through their roof. I would appreciate any advice you may have.
  4. Evening all, Massive thanks for all the feed back, the conclusion is that we will be going into remove the tree, and leave the responsibility of recovering the costs with the client. As many of you have said it’s not our call, we’re just there to do the job, in a professional manner. We have priced to remove the waste, the owner has been given the option to retain the waste, but turned it down, which has been given in writing. Covers my arse. Its been really interesting to hear all the different sides. Thanks all.
  5. Thanks guys, I appreciate the advice. At the end of the day they want to keep their neighboroughly relationship amicable, and don’t want to upset things by chasing payment. So we will do what we are paid to do... As you have all said it’s simpy, a job, I just finding it interesting that in the event fails and falls through their roof and the other neighbour, the owner is liable to cover all the costs for repairs and tree clean up, and yet they can get away with no contribution to remove the risk and save tens of thousands, if not hundreds. Treeation...thanks for the advice matey, I had a brief look through the OLA, but couldn’t find any reference for this situation in the legal mumbo jumbo. Stubby...the owner is aware but simply doesn’t seem to care. Squaredy....it’s actually not far from you in the grand scheme of things...just off jct 48 on M4. Mick ... Thanks mate, it’s good to hear it from experience. Its a first for me...cheers.
  6. Hello all, I have priced for the removal of Holm Oak, by my client, which has been accepted and Tree Officer has approved the work. However, the tree isn't owned by the client, it is behind the rear fence, and althought they have permission from the owner to remove the tree. The tree owner has refused to share any of the cost. A tree report was carried out on the tree, and due to various structural defects, and fungal infection (Ganoderma) in the tree, the tree has been labelled as unsafe. I have been advised that under the 'Occupier Liability Act 1984', the owner of the tree has full responisibility to cover all the costs, however, for my client to go down this road it would involve solicitors and end up prolonging the time taken to have the tree removed. They have said that they will foot the bill, simply because their scared the tree will hit house and they want to remain amicapable but in my opinion its seems unjust for them to foot the entire bill for a dangerous a tree which doesn't belong to them. I'm interested to know if anyone has had experience of these situations in the past, and whether you have any advice. Thanks
  7. Evening all, Today we were working on a tree which was over hanging a road and pathway walking underneath it. We understand about the traffic control and basically stopped traffic in both directions when nessary, however, my query is pedestrians, if a pedestrian needs to get from one side of the tree to other, in this instance, there was also a pavement on the other side, do you... a. make the climber aware and pause works, allow them under the tree once the climber has stopped? b. Suggest crossing the road unaided, c.stop traffic to allow them to cross the road safely. I can see liability issues with two, a, they could get hit by falling hanger... b. Hit by a car, however c. Strikes me as disrupting the traffic. Where would you stand if HSE turned up on site? I would be be interested to know your thoughts, and whether anyone has experience where it has gone wrong, or done a course? Just a matter of interest. Cheers.
  8. Good evening all, I was queried by my client when I went to look at Beech tree with numerous Ganoderma brackets at the base. She was looking to have the tree removed, as she was concerned about the road access under the tree, and neighbouring houses, and she was concerned that the fungus would infect the neighbouring Beech tree, and questioned if you grind out the stump the of the infected tree, would this kill the fungus, and/or at least prevent it spreading to the neighbouring tree? I would be interested in opinion? Many thanks.
  9. Morning all, Regretably, my Ranger has given up the ghost, and not worth fixing... so the way I'm looking at it is, rather than investing in another pickup. I'm better investing in a tipper. I've been looking at the options and I've decide on the Mitsubishi Canter, I'm looking at 2008/2009, which seems to get me one with 70-80k on clock. Also I'm looking finance some of it, so I would appreciate any recommendations on finance companies.. It will be my first tipper, so appreciate any advice any on faults to look out for? I'm looking at standard bed, which I'm thinking I'll get adapted for Arb truck use! Cheers.
  10. Thanks guys, I'll check those out. Nice one
  11. Hello all, I have heard rumours that there are 'First Aid at work' course around that specialize in Aboriculture and or forestry situations, ie. crush injuries, trauma, lasherations, impacts etc...I could google them, but I wanted to ask you guys if you know of any in the Surry/Hampshire Sussex areas...which you would recommend. I'm one of the first aiders for our team, but its due to expire next month, and last time i did it, it was full office jokeys, and pregnant mums and woman wanting to child minders and wanting to know how to treat a cough, and do cpr to a baby... Cheers
  12. Sorry guys, I screwed up! The jobs in fleet, Hampshire. If that's too far or a problem no worries. Cheers Leo


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