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  1. pictures would be good ! and more ideas !
  2. yes I could it for you i am living in lichtenfels Bayern just give me a call 0174-3064895 or e mail pm-tree-baumpflege@gmx.de
  3. :001_smile:What kind of tree is it
  4. sonim xp3 enduro ..outdoor,and the buisness for simple and hard outdoor life simply indestuctable 3 yrs old and in perfect nick ! after so many drops out of the tree it is a rubber brick
  5. can anyone help! I have 4 plane pollards to work on they have already an umberella form can anybody help with how to prune them tie them down any info at all please thank you pictures would also be a great help !
  6. Willkommen bei FreeTree and they are cheaper then treeworker sometimes only you save the postal charges better than nothing but worth comparing
  7. try Grube KG for 279 euros dont know what the p+p costs ! looks good dont forget to put in Holz trolley
  8. Just try magnesium powder form just before you go to bed ! but not to much or you will get the runs since Ive been taking it I do not have any problems no matter how hard you work or problems with bones ,muscles etc old breakes, fractures ,etc try it it works for me a treat I hope this helps you to !
  9. Sorry to hear my symphathy for you and your family God Bless
  10. I take everything that I can do that brings money otherwise you could be at home for weeks on end pulling your hair out I hope this makes sense !
  11. Could you please send me this photo its fantastic. pm-tree-baumpflege@gmx.de if you have time Thanks a mil
  12. Sonim outdoor handy realy good !


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