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  1. Wagon breakers I got 6 of the wagon curtains for a fiver each
  2. Haha mint yits the other way round for me we've had the cellar converted so she can send us all down there
  3. Haha congratulations mate you'll have a man cave set up I hope?
  4. Hi Stephen great thanks hope yours is too I have another addition now another little boy
  5. Good to read me? Haha am good mate thanks how's you? And cheers the bikes unreal but I took it on one of these enduros and smashed it up a bit
  6. I went to a Lorry breakers yard too also got the tarp side curtains £5 pound each haha
  7. Champion cheers mate I'll have a look
  8. I use geckos with velcro top and bottom straps you don't know you've got them on. My bottom straps are nearly worn through though anyone know if you can buy new ones?
  9. Hi I will be in need of a climber for upcoming work shortly. A self employed person would be preferred for now but there may be full time work for the the right person. I could do with someone experienced to help with work in the near future but I may also consider an apprentice next year pm me if you are interested or contact me via email. [email protected] Cheers
  10. I had the same feeling up a tree a couple year ago it was to be section felled. I cane out the the tree trying to think of a different way to do it and was kicking myself for a couple days until I drove past it and it was laid on the floor! I think you should always trust your instincts. Dont let it build up in your head mate just get up another big tree and enjoy yourself
  11. Im sure they grow hemp which doesnt get you stoned its grown for industrial purposes. When we were kids out hunting we came across a field of it, my cousin was running around jumping up and down thinking it was cannabis god knows how much he smoked before he finally gave in haha
  12. 2-3 weeks work available in Staffordshire for someone reliable to work in one of my crews. Trying to put another crew together for constant work if I find the right lads.Thanks.
  13. Still looking for people preferably ones that can get out of bed on a morning


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