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  1. Retrievable tie in point SRT

    can't remember. it could be but could also just be any length thats long enough to pull it down
  2. Retrievable tie in point SRT

    i think this is my favourite tie in method. eliminates any chance of side loading the pulley or opening the carabiner ( not that i really think thats a huge issue anyway)
  3. Retrievable tie in point SRT

    This may help with a few canopy anchors
  4. treetools.co.nz and treestuff.com will both do longer custom hitch cords to whatever length you require
  5. Rope Wrench feedback

    some pretty intense forces on the dynamic redirects hey ian! I'm with ya on the static redid, way better. and Beeline Blue has gotta be the stand out hitch cord for me these days, cannot fault it.
  6. SRT rope

    aka cougar puke
  7. SRT base anchors and rescue anchors

    yeah bro, the double choked bowline whatcha ma call it!!! its a really cool knot, chokes and locks in both directions.
  8. SRT base anchors and rescue anchors

    one of the main issues for me with base anchors is not cutting the rope whilst cutting but moving past the rope with a saw on your harness. also the ability to stand above your anchor and therefore not be tied into anything. I use base anchors all the time when the situation suits, tip ties when the situation suits. BUT if i could only use one, it would be tip tie.
  9. Stein X2 or Distel Gecko

    carbon geckos are super comfy
  10. Pinto pulley

    leave the spacer in bro
  11. Petzl zig zag

    2-1000??? id need 2 hands at least to count the broken ones in nz so far.........
  12. Rope Runner Thread

    fredward- Kev sent me one of the originals when i was in africa with dak. mine was at treetools for a while whilst i was away earlier this year.
  13. Rope Runner Thread

    want to have a blast on mine Arran? I'm not huge fan and its just sitting in the bag. i prefer the RW but its just a personal opinion.
  14. Trango cinch

    no issues at all. whats the concern with it????


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