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  1. FTC stifline at freeworker
  2. easiest trick for me is to get the groundie to always tie the rigging line around the climbers line via a bowline . rigging rope then just gets pulled straight up the climbers line. Of course this only works if the rope is fair(ish) to the rigging line, ie no branches are in the way.
  3. nah bro, its actually quite a high heel. no issue with the strap coming up onto your archives
  4. Ive got the Salewa Crows and they are superbly comfortable. The rand is a bit soft but the comfort of the boots is so good it makes no difference to me. They have a quite a stiff sole, this is a plus or a minus depending on how you climb. comfort ; 10/10 longevity ; unknown but im hoping for 9-12 months
  5. can you not just advance the bae tie using a webbing sling as you go, once at the top just tie a canopy anchor and get the ground staff to tie the base anchor? when you traverse just take the tail with you and retrieve the canopy anchor as normal if you are re anchoring. or just use the tail of your rope as a temporary anchor in the new tree. or take another rope. so many options
  6. Yeah the rope was Yale Cordage R.iN.G rope. (Red is No Go) it is a 10mm red kern master that has a cut resistant technora jacket. It was designed in conjunction with this expedition.
  7. try and get hold of mark prezuate(spelling is wrong im sure) of fids and fibres. his splicing courses are amazing, give him a reason to make a trip to the uk( he's US based but does courses globally) to run one ( they are normally over a few days). equally good would be to get hold of Nod at treeworker.
  8. Flew from nz and had days in santiago en route. you have to either go via santiago or french polynesia. Going to the moai quarry is really amazing.
  9. personally i don't like chest harnesses as i find them too hot and cumbersome. Ive had no issues with a neck elastic for years and never heard of any real incident in the industry.
  10. This is not a tree post but it is a very cool project i was involved with in late 2016. Everyone has those places they dream of going to but never expect to go to. Mine was Easter island to see the Moai. In 2015 i was asked to go and oversee the rope work on a 3 month long expedition documenting all insect life on Easter island. I was there for 1 month as we abseiled down the 500m cliffs and into the caves, setting insect traps and mapping areas. Most of the places we went were places totally off limits to tourists due to heritage and ancient stone work. It was amazing. Pinch yourself kind of stuff. And this all came from having a tree climbing back ground ill let the pics do the talking..... (the moai are amazing to see). A huge public thank you to the companies that sponsored the expedition.. Yale Cordage, Rock Exotica USA, ISC Wales and ActSafe ascenders. epic.
  11. DrewB


    Hey Bud!! good to hear from ya
  12. its getting stiller now, cyclone season has just passed. ill try and find some short videos of what its like when its really blowing. When its windy it can be sickening at times. I find i have to look down only, as its the only constant when everything else is moving like mad. Normally get a bit of swaying acres climb- like stepping off a boat thats been in heavy swell.
  13. no, you want short gaffs as the bark can be as hard as iron, its baked in the sun all day. The tops are only a bit bigger than drinks cans so long gaffs would be unnerving They bend like absolute madness, especially when they are over 25m tall. I live in fiji now, have the past 3 years after moving from nz.
  14. easiest way would be just to make a loopie sling out of the tenet and then tie it as a normal prussic


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