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  1. United Colours of GreenMech!

    got any more pictures of the light tower on the 19-28? like how its mounted etc.? Thanks
  2. Are sthil and pfanner the only orange pants?

    any news on these?
  3. Anyone not paid the DART crossing fee?

    I forgot to pay, and it did take a while for the penalty notice to come through. This was soon after it when online. So when i got the penalty it said because its new, all i had to do was pay for the crossing that i had forgotton to pay for in the first place. Result!
  4. Beech Tree Removals

    Really enjoyed that. At first i saw the traffic management you had, and thought blimey... that will be a nightmare without lights. Then i saw them. Must have been expensive TM. Good job.
  5. Dark Silver Passat - Casing our yard J29 M25

    dvla website says: Vehicle colour BLUE. Stolen plates too it would seem!
  6. Attempted arbtalk account hijack.

    I also had the same email tonight. IP was from china mobile.
  7. Silky hayauchi blade holder needed

  8. Trailer Brakes while parked backwards down hill

    I thought it didnt matter if using the handbrake. i've never had one roll off on me. That said i also thought that the handbrake only brakes, say the rear most axle on a twin axle trailer, so if the rear axle is off the ground, and the handbrake is on. She'll go bye bye! I could be wrong (Often am)
  9. Went geocaching in big trees this christmas

    Thats cool! Link to the geocache page would be cool!
  10. Bandit gallery

    Thought you might like that! Thought of this thread when i was filming it. Seems like a very capable machine.
  11. Bandit gallery

    Heres a stumpgrinder i was working with a few weeks back! Instagram
  12. arbtalkers arbtrucks

    I did think about those actually! Might have to invest in one and see what its like. Hows work for you? by the looks of it... really good!
  13. arbtalkers arbtrucks

    Its mint mate, all it needs now is a tipping bed . I've been working for a few different companies for a while now mate, want to start doing some of my own stuff when i get it aswell now.
  14. arbtalkers arbtrucks

    This is my new truck!
  15. First go at a video - Large Abies dismantle

    Good stuff Jay! and lovely surroundings!


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