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  1. Ruskins Trees

    Crimson spire columnar oak leaning

    I would see if a long decent diameter bit of bamboo or like, could be used, attached to the straight section of trunk, then see if you can bend the bending part of the trunk to the vertical and attach it to the bamboo. Tie with horticultural string and do not forget to remove in 2-3 years time. If the tree will only partially come vertical, see where this is, stand back, have a think, then see if you can prune the bent part to a growing point that will grow vertically and form a new leader.
  2. Ruskins Trees

    Vertidraining near trees?

    We operate soil probes that blast pressurised air at depths down to 1 metre. The fissures (some of which visibly reach the surface) can be filled in the same action with media that will keep the fissures open, aiding aeration and drainage. We also operate Air Spades so appreciate the benefits of this deeper mitigation.
  3. Ruskins Trees

    Air Spade Contractor Needed

    Chris We would love to help Kind regards Robert Ruskins TRees
  4. Ruskins Trees

    What is best for this tree??

    Wrong tree, wrong place Plant the right tree in the right place or as now put in the UK: As per BS8545:2014 Trees: From the nursery to independence in the landscape
  5. Ruskins Trees


    I think of it thus: Trees are naturally streamlined. Hedges are like a wall to wind (that flexes to a degree), but the canopies provide a degree of streamlining. If you removed branches (or branches) are lost on one side, the sail area (the area that collects wind) is massively increased. As the wind is collected rather than deflected. The risk of windthrow is greatly increased if the sail area is increased. Trees do not arrange their branches to catch wind, they are there to deflect wind.
  6. Ruskins Trees

    Heave / subsidence from oak on clay soil

    It comes down to "the right tree in the right place" If the house was built after the tree was growing, you could change that to locating the house (with appropriate foundations) in the right place. As others have advised, engage a structural engineer, who will then work with an Arb' Consultant to advise on retention/ remedial pruning to facilitate retention. If the tree is subject to a TPO or conservation area, the Local Authority will also be involved, if any works are recommended to the tree. Not sure about when/if you should notify your house insurance company. If it is recommended to fell the tree, then plant a replacement, "the right tree in the right place" to ensure your garden / locality retains (at a reduced level) the numerous benefits of a tree. Use an Arborist to advise about a suitable tree.
  7. Ruskins Trees

    Cabstar wanted please

    Do not get one. Spare parts so bad almost comical 1) 5 days wait for parts from Europe parts storage (hand brake cable) in Amsterdam. 2) When not in European stock Handbrake cable 1 month from Japan (DHL can deliver (if it was available) in 24hours for £23.15, same size from Japan) 3) Could not deliver correct wing mirror lens until third attempt (and then just glass with no backing). Told me I had to have a non nissan part, I had owned from new 4) Could not deliver right handbrake cable first time 5) Within two weeks of buying one new, one of the levers that release the side bars snapped, would not replace foc. Had to take them to the motor vehicle ombudsman, before they relented.
  8. Ruskins Trees

    Wood-chip for play areas

    Woodchip in Play Areas has a BS and is often called Play Bark. As I understand it this is the only product you can use in Play Areas. All the big suppliers offer it. We use TMA. It is BS EN 1176, they specify the depth it should be
  9. Ruskins Trees

    Cabstar wanted please

    Have you driven a cab star before? Run over a stone and it bumps you up in air. Cannot get three grown men comfortably in the cab.
  10. Ruskins Trees

    Planting trees

    You have to drain it to somewhere. A lighter soil found in rootball and backfill mix will cause moisture in the heavier soil to wick across into the lighter soil. It will fill up like a sink and drown (waterlogged soil) the specimens unless they are a species suited to sitting for prolonged time in waterlogged ground. A drainage layer in clay will not work unless it has somewhere to drain to (no matter how many times landscape architects produce drawings only showing a drainage layer). A soakaway will not work unless it breaks through the clay and finds a strata that can facilitate drainage. The only option if there is no option to drain is to mound plant*. Plant above ground (or partly above ground) and bench soil upto the rootballs. This way some of the roots will always be able to breathe (undertake gaseous exchange). Once did a tree survey in a woodland where all trees (around 200no 80 years old) were planted on 3-4ft mounds all doing well. The developer had permission to fell most, I wonder how he dealt with the ground prone to waterlogging. * If you have a slope, just dig french drains to the lower level (or insert sloping land drainage pipes to the lower level) .
  11. Ruskins Trees

    Best timber for reinforcing the bank of a large pond

    Try Ashwell Timber in Bulphan They recycle timbers from lock gates, docks, piers that have been in water for 100 plus years, I have seen samples and these tropical hardwoods look brand new (nearly)
  12. Ruskins Trees

    hedge transplant costs

    Paul We specialise is transplanting trees and hedges and would love to assist you. I will pm you.
  13. Ruskins Trees

    School Children getting paid for work experience

    We look on taking on work experience as a small chance to uncover a diamond, but also to make the lad (never had a lass), learn about work. We pay them, as I want a good days work out of them, give them link between acceptable work and pay. It is summarised to them, thus, you are a cube, a perfect employee is a sphere, we are going to knock one or two corners off you and set you on the path of being a good employee. I got this from a friend who was not interested in a beautiful girlfriend, when asked why, he explained, she was too young (19yr, he was 30) he was just knocking a corner off for the next bloke. Timekeeping, attitude, being able to be trained (and ask if do not understand), doing a job well and being proud, being a good team member etc. The classic, "can you make the tea", the response "why me", then having to explain that for centuries the youngest has done so. Then send them to buy left handed screwdrivers and ask for long hard screws. For the same reason we do not pay apprentices what we govt says we can. We want a good days work and in return we pay.
  14. The high hedges regulations as I understand them are a hedge is two evergreen trees together.
  15. Ruskins Trees

    Defining a veteran tree.

    There are many different definitions of a Veteran Tree BS5837 "tree that, by recognised criteria, showing features of biological, cultural or aesthetic value that are characteristic of, but not exclusive to individuals surviving beyond the typical age range for the species concerned", with a note " these characteristics might typically include a large girth, signs of crown retrenchment and hollowing of stem" National Planning Policy Framework 2012 (annex 2) "A tree which because of its great age, size or condition is of exceptional value for wildlife, in the landscape or culturally" Natural England and Forestry Commission "They have cultural, historical, landscape and nature conservation value because of their age, size or condition"


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