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    If he is on good terms with his old company he may be able to get access to the receipts to show when the items were purchased and go off of this date for service life. Failing that if you know where the firm used to buy from you may be able to find out dates from the retailer if they were feeling flexible and helpful. I’m always dubious about buying things second hand unless I know and trust the person who has owned it. I often see some of the prices for second hand gear and it is close to that if new kit!
  2. Try Lantra Professional Tree Inspection | Easton College WWW.EASTON.AC.UK This advanced course will enable you to clearly and competently inspect potentially hazardous trees and write appropriate and detailed remedial works (control measures) with appropriate time scales or priorities indicated.<br /><br />A pre-requisite of…
  3. I’m going to give it one more go next week mate, if I still don’t get in with it I’ll drop you a PM
  4. Cheers, yeah drt for all my climbs. I brought a bulldog bone years ago from Gordon but I’ve only used it once or twice as I couldn’t seem to set it up right it, probably my error but must put a bit of time into learning SRY as I can see the benefits. I just use a ropeguide and lockjack daily. On that last tree I was able to throw line across to the other one and set my lines from the ground which saved a bit of effort wading through the mass of epi on the way up! All of the sudden SRT looks appealing!
  5. Been on Lime and Sycamore re-pollards all week. Not the most exciting work in the world but it pays the bills. Reckon they'd started to regrow before we'd driven away! LPSE0020.m4v
  6. Sure, obviously I don’t know the road so difficult to comment with certainty. From what you’ve said there it sounds like you did need full on TM. At least when you hire a TM crew the responsibility is passed to them from that respect leaving you to crack on with the treework. The whole TM thing is a minefield as to actually do it 100% correctly you’d need another truck following you around full with various signs, cones, barriers etc
  7. Which TM to use is dictated by the traffic flow of the road, speed and sight lines. It may have been the case that you could have done with the job with just traditional TM, ie signs, cones and lane narrows etc rather than lights but either way what they have used sounds largely inadequate! To play by the letter of the law you should have someone with supervisor and operative chapter 8 as well as an abundance of tapping rails, signs, cones etc etc but then that’s a different story!
  8. I’ve done some knotweed treatments (years ago now) and we used Rosate 360 and injected it into the stems. At one place I brought it from they asked for my PA1 and 6 tickets but not sure if that is still the case as I say it was a few years back now
  9. Deffo 3m, harder than I would have done personally but that’s what the client wanted
  10. Didn’t start till 9am on the Sunday and were away by 1pm with no fallout from the neighbours. The boys stacked the gear up and just chipped a few times to keep the noise down. Did a big Lime on Saturday and was there most of the day. The client wanted all the trees done over two days and that’s the only two we could all do back to back because of other commitments
  11. Sunday funday, 3m reduction on this little Beech. Lovely weather for it, almost forgot it was a Sunday
  12. I run standard distance marathons as that’s my thing and have got down to 2.35 but have always been drawn to try the MdS at some point in my life. I know how much time goes into normal marathon prep average 80 - 100+ miles a week so training for MdS must be next level! I have always fancied doing the Comrades marathon in SA so that will be the next big one I aim for when restrictions are lifted. When I looked at MdS in the past there a few groups on Facebook that offer advice and share experiences. For training plans maybe look at somebody like Centurion Running who have a number of high level coaches on there books, they aren’t cheap but you’re getting years and years of knowledge and experience. Tom Evans the Red Bull long distance athlete is connected to Centurion and also offers training plans, he should know what he’s taking about as he came 3rd How Tom Evans came 3rd at the Marathon Des Sables. WWW.PRECISIONHYDRATION.COM Precision Hydration drinker Tom Evans came 3rd at the Marathon Des Sables ultra race. We asked him about his gear, hydration, nutrition and training for MDS.
  13. Your best bet if you had no luck from this thread is to have a look online/social media for local firms and phone around some of them to see if they can help. All the guys on here are spread all round the country so you may not get anybody close by. If I were local to you (Kent) I’d get it down for you. A firm I worked for used to do ‘cat rescues’ and that was a decent little earner for the business as the boss charged tree surgery rates
  14. I’ve commented on another thread about the newer diesel Vs the older version in a 230 tracked. Firm I work for has an older Diesel engine machine, this went for a service and a newer tier 5 dropped off for loan. Had a job reducing a Connie hedge, nothing crazy just 3 - 4 inch diameter but with two climbers up. Chipper and groundie was right on top of the job and IMO the newer machine wasn’t as effective as the older version. For me the anti stress appeared to kick in quicker and struggled to continually process what one groundie could throw at it. The three of us on site all agreed the newer machine was a bit of a bottle neck on the job. However as PeteB says they are here to stay as we’ve got to adapt to them. In real times it probably put 20 - 30 minutes in the job, not much you can do about that. People have been saying about modifying the engines but I’d be reluctant to do so as this may invalid the warranty. Having had choppers covered and worked on under warranty I’m not sure I’d want to weigh out £20k on a machine with the possibility that the warranty may not stack up. Couple of options, you could try and find a well looked after older engine machine or go bigger, ie over 750kgs
  15. Ash reduction over a garage court and a few gardens


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