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  1. Definitely. Laurence is a cool guy and has loads of knowledge. If you want to learn about SRT and a few other things this is definitely worth the few dollars it costs. [emoji106]
  2. ANK

    Teufelberger Fly

    Nice one. Thanks Steve [emoji106]
  3. Hey People, Does anyone know if the Red Teufelberger Fly rope can be spliced? Not sure of the construction of it, but it’s different to any line I’ve used before. Thanks! Al
  4. What did you call me?! Thanks for the advice [emoji106]
  5. Cheers for the replies guys. Just to clarify I’d Be using this for an SRT base anchor only. I have the ropeguide if I ever need it for stem work 👍.
  6. I’ve been looking into getting the ART Snakeanchor and am unsure whether to get the 2.5m or 5m version. I don’t want to get the 2.5m one and find it’s too small for most trees but I also don’t want something that’s massively too long. Does anyone else use one and what length do you have? Cheers! Al
  7. Thought I should post this as a heads up to anyone climbing SRT. This happened after installing my line using the alpine butterfly, pinto and carabiner method for a top tie in. The 'nose' of the alpine butterfly (seen here) rubbed against the other leg of rope as I ran it up to the top and glazed through to the core. The anchor can't have been any higher than 70 foot either. Definitely a little unnerving climbing on it and then discovering that after I untied it!!
  8. The twigs are green but I wouldn't say they are speckled really. It has marks but that is from previous leaf abscission I believe.
  9. Any thoughts people? It looks like a gleditsia to me but there aren't any thorns anywhere on the tree. I only managed to get a small twig as my phone was dead at the time so no photos of the tree itself. Sorry!
  10. Cheers for that! That would be great if you could find out about the trapeze bolt. I tend to buy most of my online stuff from you guys anyway. Al
  11. Hey people, I was climbing today and when I went to install my ropeguide I noticed that the trapeze had lost it's retaining bolt that attaches it to the webbing. This essentially means the device is no longer retrievable as the trapeze has separated from it. I was wondering if these bolts can be purchased anywhere as a replacement part and also if anyone else has experienced this? Cheers! Al
  12. ANK

    Beech Tree Removals

    ...that wasn't the emoticon I was expecting.
  13. ANK

    Beech Tree Removals

    Hey Scotspine. Well spotted! Yeah the sling could've been lower for that piece . As for the road, there was no damage at all, even after I missed the log pile in the first video...
  14. ANK

    Beech Tree Removals

    Hey Tommy. No worries at all. I have two separate lines (both Yale hedera). One of them has the hitch hiker and the other has the spider jack. I use the SRT setup as an access line for bigger trees but I prefer to work the canopy using Ddrt.


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