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  1. Hi guys, Really want to do my loler inspectors ticket but wanted to get a solid understanding of everything I'll be expected to know. Just wondered if anyone knows where I can get hold of revision material for this course. Many thanks Jamie
  2. Does anyone know If the rings inside the side d's I guess you could call them lower d's are actual points of attachment? Or if they are there for something else. Many thanks Jamie
  3. So I am running Drenaline with 8mm ocean polyester(90cm)
  4. Hey guys has anyone seen this? Is it worth the money?
  5. Hi guys, Just got myself a hitch climber with a 90cm eye to eye an found there is way to much slack on alot of the knots. Can anyone help as I am transferring from a normal prusik an am reluctant to get a zig zag just yet. Many thanks Jamie
  6. Awesome thank you and for how long should I dry it out?
  7. Hi guys, hope your all good. Might be doing my first mill on a oak stem. Just wanted to know if I mill the oak into boards what's the best way to dry it out
  8. Hi guys, Just wondered if anyone has done these courses and what where your thoughts? Many thanks Jamie
  9. Can I ask ideally what's the best length for the friction cord on a hitch climber system
  10. Hi guys, Anyone need a groundie/climber tomorrow? Fully Qualified with alot of experience an hardworking, climbing gear if needed. Based in Fareham. Many thanks Jamie
  11. Looking to get a foot ascender to go with my hitch climber setup an heard the Jet step was good? Anyone had experience using it or can recommend another one?
  12. Hi Guys, I have recently just passed my cs39 an really want to get as much experience as possible. Have had experience with takedowns, an reductions an looking to build on that. Been working 2 years as a groundie this will be my 1st year as a ft climber Have Full Climbing Kit an saw Basic tickets; CS30/31 CS38 CS39 Driving Licence Because of my experience would only be looking for £90 a day Many thanks and all the best


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