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  1. We like ours, went for a opico as it will lift/ load over the cage sides on the trailer unlike a kanga. Also gets used a lot in the yard for shunting trailers and chippers about.
  2. I think at the time it was going to be a ce marked version of poison ivy, but I don’t think it was ever ce marked in the end. Possibly replaced by blue tongue?
  3. This is my poor mans skid steer, no vermeer but saves my back!
  4. It's rife at the moment, We had an attempted brake in on Thursday night/Friday morning, broke sensors on security lights and started striping of the cladding on the side of the workshop but failed to get in. We are based in Witley near Godalming.
  5. From my experience, I would go along the lines of you have been using it as you are for more than 10 years (it's there job to prove other wise) they will more than likely drop the case.
  6. Richard Court forestry engineering Tel: 01483 208075 Mobile: 07966 546735
  7. We are a small company looking for a groundsman/ climber to join us. Unfortunately We cant offer fixed /full time work but if you're a subcontractor or just a college leaver looking for experience please get in touch. Anyone considered, pay negotiable depending on skills, experience and qualifications. Look forward to hearing from you Thanks Ben Tel: 01428 749084 Ben@arbor-tech.org.uk
  8. personally I would have liked the axles a bit further forward but it hasn't been a problem. If I get a chance I may move them foward. The crane is a 3 point linkage one so comes off fairly easily and I have loading ramps stowed away under the trailer so yes ideal for moving a 5 tone digger!
  9. Only picture I could fined I will take some during the week
  10. The kx61 is 2.6 ton so tows legally on a plant trailer with all the buckets. I am rubbish at taking pictures of machines in action as I'm always to busy trying to get the job done!
  11. My Kubota kx61 makes life easy on large take downs and it's amassing what you can roll around with it if its to big to lift!
  12. It pulls well drives fully loaded with the chipper on the back not much different to empty. With the trailer on and fully loaded you aren't going any when quickly but you wouldn't want to. The trailer as far as I know was built to be towed by a mog it has air brakes all round personally I would have liked the axles a bit further forward but it hasn't been a problem. it's plated at 10500kg the tipping body is 4.2m long by 1.95m wide so follows the mog well.
  13. Yes it is a light ish chipper it doesn't sit down to much at the rear fully loaded but it has recently had new rear springs. Yep it's the courts yard! In fact it's joe you can see on the crane controls!
  14. Yes it was full ag spec from new. I belive it Was originally sold by Ibbetts with a front mounted hedge/ verge trimmer so has front pto and aircon ect.
  15. We've only had it 3 months but so far so good. Handles the trailer well and we have a 10" junkkari on the back of it most of the time which isn't he best chipper in the world but handles it well.
  16. Our u140 a bit more refined than a u900 but still very compact
  17. do u140L's have a splitter on the gearbox?
  18. Is that a u90 or a u140? How did you find it compared to a six cylinder mog?
  19. shaggy


    A couple I found from a few years back, sure I could find plenty more!
  20. I like the idea of being able to stack them out side and cut them to order, ideal if you have limited covered storage. Out of interest how long does it take to split 1 cubic meter of billets and how long does it take to run them through a crosscut with elevator?
  21. I have been asked to price removing a mature oak tree for a local parish council. Due to a subsidence claim from neighbouring property. The tree stands on the side of a small track accessing a piece of ground behind a row of houses. Either side of the track are 2 houses approximately 5-10m away The tree is situated on the left hand boundary of the track. The house on the right hand side of the track (the house which is furthest away of the two) has made a subsidence claim backed up by a report that this oak tree is casing subsidence to their house, and therefore their insurance company want the tree to be removed. The houses were built well after the tree was there and are built on shrinkable clay. In my view if the tree was to be removed they will be opening them selves up to a subsidence claim from the house on the left which is closer to the tree than the house on the right. In my eyes the house with the claim should be looking at other options such as underpinning rather than removing the tree. The parish council have also asked whether a staged removal would get round these problems. The way I see it is that it will have the same affect but just take longer to show the damage. I am no expert on the subject, the above is an educated guess I would be interested to hear other peoples views. Thanks Ben
  22. Yes on the side of the transmission should be fairly obvious
  23. Yes it is the flow control valve, towards seat for maximum flow away for minimum flow. Yours looks like it’s at maximum.
  24. Try putting a new chain on it, I had a similar problem and was convinced it was the bar being the problem but it turned out to be that the tie straps had worn down to the rivets but not equally on both sides. Making it cut like the bar rails went level.


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