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  1. Tractor flail for hedge cuttings

    Cool - like the look of that !
  2. Tractor flail for hedge cuttings

    That's a thought,get one of the hedge cutting boys to do it when they are passing!
  3. Tractor flail for hedge cuttings

    Thanks Goaty - I'm guessing they might need a fairly hefty tractor to drive them,i've only got a 60HP ford !!
  4. Has anyone ever used a tractor with a flail to smash up hedge cuttings ? Need to replace my topper soon,and been getting increasingly fed up with the huge pile of hedge cuttings that build up in the yard - so have been wondering about running a flail over the pile to reduce it to a manageable mush - tried it with a rotary topper without much effect,but a flail ???
  5. Cross contamination from woodchip

    Yeah - seems to be the way to go - I just wondered if there was any solid basis for their "concerns" ! Thanks Steve
  6. Does anyone know of any issues from contaminated woodchip,fungi etc.. being transferred to woodland ? I've got a very good situation where I can drop woodchip on some local community land and it is spread on the footpaths to keep the mud down - a couple of local busybodies are creating a bit of a fuss for deep political reasons within the village and citing that "contaminated woodchip" could harm the woodland (mainly chestnut coppice) I'm aware of the leachate being an issue for watercourses,but this is not an issue for us. Cheers Steve
  7. Thefts

    I've got a chipper for sale on EBay at the moment,one bloke phoned up to come and have a look,when I mentioned that the chipper was at my house for viewing - not my yard - you could almost hear the disappointment in his voice - predictably he didn't turn up !!
  8. farmi firewood processor hydraulic leak

    Had the same on mine, more often at the other end into the valve block. Poor design on the manufacturers part,Farmi have changed the design now and do offer a replacement kit, for a heftyish price - which I thought was poor. In an previous life I used "enots" compression fittings on nylon airpipe,which would be an improvement, just need to get round to sourcing some! Gets expensive in oil if nothing else.
  9. chain size on farmi wp30

    64 drive links on mine,think its a 13" bar with the fillet bit on top making it the same as a 15" bar.
  10. Silver birch seasoning time

    I've had a good load of summer cut birch cut and split in vented bags for two years after being left in 12ft lengths for 8months,it looked a bit spalted, or whatever the patterns in the wood are! But mixed in with beech and the more appreciative customers are extremely happy with it, loads of great feedback!
  11. Who's doing tree work on the Heads of the Valleys?

    Ha Ha - don't think Mums to good on timber spotting,bit lively on the main road I reckon !!!
  12. Who's doing tree work on the Heads of the Valleys?

    My Mum lives up there,she spoke to some of the boys clearing up by the old factory on the Cymro road and they said that the locals were free to help themselves - but you've got to be quick!! Also said that they were leaving the stumps that high so they could find them for grubbing out when the new road cuts the corner off!

    <p>Hi Tim</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Thanks for getting back to me,job is still at the quote stage at the moment - I'll let you know if it comes to any thing and we can make some arrangements!</p>





    <p>Hi Steve,</p>

    <p>My front gardens all woodchip paths around raised veg beds so a load or two would be useful if still available?</p>

    <p>A bit of notice would be good as I can move the trailer and give you an area to reverse onto.</p>




  15. An idiot alone

    Looking that good your probably getting PM's I reckon:biggrin:


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