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  1. chipper respay

    You wouldn't happen to be located anywhere near me would you? (Norfolk) Sent from my SM-T580 using Arbtalk mobile app
  2. Cheap top handles

    Mate of mine bought one of the Chinese top handled saws badged as "MJ tools" lasted around 4hrs at a guess before being thrown from the mewp, in that time the handle fell off, ran with various character building quirks and generally pissed him off for a morning ..
  3. Making some serious coin

    Hahaha, I'll have to call the bank as they've obviously cocked up on my statement !!
  4. What paint to use for painting chainsaws

    Plant enamel I would guess, Nuffield orange temac would be my choice assuming your on about metal casings Plastic is another issue though as you have to use plastic primers first so would opt for 2k paints as you would on a car bumper..
  5. Tip site nr mildenhall suffolk?

    I'm surprised you have the energy for humorous conversation after doing all that spraying today 😂
  6. Tip site nr mildenhall suffolk?

    Hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction as google's not bringing much up. Have a few transit loads of lime chip to dispose of Wednesday - Friday Any company's out that way?
  7. Post your stump grinding photos

    7ft sycamore
  8. 4000 - 5000 kg sling / strops anyone?

    Thanks for the help all, I got on the phone this morning and managed to find a supplier who thought it was his wife calling to give him an earful working on Sunday haha, he did however wait for me to get there and sort me out!! was also a supplier of climbing gear and a peltz dealer with very good prices. Top bloke if your in need of such things based in Watton Norfolk http://www.rhtltd.co.uk/
  9. 4000 - 5000 kg sling / strops anyone?

    Not a bad idea, I'm going to have a look on Wisbech market in the morning as there's a few chaps with similar bits that I've seen before.. and there is a machine mart there I believe.
  10. 4000 - 5000 kg sling / strops anyone?

    Cheers chaps, if I can't find any joy tomorrow I'll get an order in..
  11. 4000 - 5000 kg sling / strops anyone?

    I've got a couple but they're to short, however yes anything to keep me above board will do ..
  12. Just been sorting my gear out for my ticket (32) next week and it appears I've cocked up on the strength of my strops vs my winch capability.. My tirfor t35 has 3715kg rated pull and I'm a little concerned I may not be able to find any of that size tomorrow, Checked eBay and amazon but delivery times coming in Thursday next week. If anyone has any they will either sell or let me borrow please let me know. Many thanks Adam.
  13. Carrying high lifts

    Cheers Tim, I'll give you a call next week. I've a little info on my "mate" in that van 😉
  14. Carrying high lifts

    Oh that sounds lovely 😐
  15. Carrying high lifts

    May well be, I'm not sure who's doing the training as I've jumped in on another estates course, it's taking place at narford ??


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