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  1. Bollinger Utility truck

    That is a bargain price. The engine conversion on a landrover 110 to make 350hp and loads of torque is not cheap. Plus the cost of the portal axles (10Kish), inboard brakes, independent adjustable suspension (I've never seen on a landrover), proper locking differentials etc etc would be a lot more. After watching the factory tour video I would say they are making a pretty special vehicle, there is nothing currently in production that would come close to the Bollingers off road ability. Without spending an awful lot of money and time modifying something.
  2. CIS deductions

    I have no idea what all this is about. After working for many CIS registered building companies, utilities contractors etc etc it has come up a couple of times. I tell them to get someone else to do it if they don't want to pay the full invoice (Which has never happened). Tree felling commences, I get paid in full.
  3. 7.5 ton iveco with forst st8

    I'm currently considering my options regarding 7.5, 12, 18 ton etc and it would appear that if you fill those bodies more than half way you will be overloaded. Rendering the whole thing useless if the reason to run 7.5ton and up is to stay legal with more chip capacity.
  4. 7.5 ton iveco with forst st8

    Hi, So net of the 2 ton chipper, full of woodchip those trucks are 3 ton overweight? Would that make them 3 ton overweight? or roughly 10m3 of chip. They look very smart btw
  5. Bobcat vs small loaders

    Currently own a vermeer 725 and more than a few times.
  6. Bobcat vs small loaders

    [ame= ][/ame] I would consider that mildy moist by British standards. No shortage of other videos on there. This pretty much my experience with wheeled skids. Of course he is getting it stuck for a demo/bit of fun but if you put 500kg of log in the grapple it isn't going to get any better.
  7. Bobcat vs small loaders

    Wheeled skidsteers are completely useless on any sort of grass or mud. They have no traction and sink very quickly if it's even slightly damp, I've seen them stuck in deep gravel as well. If you look on instagram everyone has tracked skid or articulating wheeled. There's a reason for that. However, you can put bands over the wheels on them. There is one about with a mulcher on a wheeled Case but i'm not sure how effective they are or how long they last.
  8. How do you organise your diary?

    Plus that 20% increase is clean profit. As you have no extra overheads, so you can afford to work 20% less. Which is a lovely thought.
  9. How do you organise your diary?

    That's reassuring. I thought it was just me that got those calls! Anyone booking in work months in advance is underskilled or undermachined or understaffed or underpriced. pick away Probably a bit blunt, everyone I speak to who is "flat out, busy till September" always seems to be in the pub by 4pm.
  10. If the people selling the house originally were even half sharp they would have had the trees out and filled/painted the cracks in the house/pointing before photos and marketing the property. This would mean the first time you viewed the property there would have been no question of the tree, cracks, subsidence, etc etc. Which would leave you in exactly the same position you are in now. If you like it, buy it. Make the vendor pay for a survey if you are worried about it, sounds like they are struggling to sell it which leaves you in quite a nice position really.
  11. Steel Viper. UK Morbark Dealership

    Hi Nick, How do you get on with the control system for the tracking and movements? Was the machine supplied in the UK or did you order it direct from America? I currently have a Vermeer 725 and love the control system, it is so easy to use and I can let anyone jump on it. I gather the older Boxers are not so intuitive. Thanks Jonathan
  12. Post your stump grinding photos

    I'm a bit worried about what that ratchet strap round the headstock is doing.
  13. Stump grinders

    I paid about £7000 for a HB20 roughly 3-4 years ago. Done about 300hours. Dean has recently offered me the same to trade it back against a new one. So roughly a 3500 cost to change to a brand new machine. Or another way to look at it is 11.66 per clock hour depreciation. An assets cost is inconsequential, the value when you want to sell is the issue. A Deutz and a fendt have wildly different new costs but they both cost about the same in depreciation per clock hour.
  14. Palm tree damage

    Are you a Mountain biker? If you haven't already left, you need to go here for dinner. You can thank me later https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g194761-d2309287-Reviews-Bastian_Contrario-Finale_Ligure_Italian_Riviera_Liguria.html
  15. Staff issues

    R.e the original question. It sounds as if you aren't paying enough money to keep good lads. What good bloke(or lady) is going to sweat and get mucky for the suggested salary of 385 per week? That might work for a while but its not sustainable. All well and good a suggesting love of the job. But you can earn that money doing a nice easy job and not be knackered every evening with bad knees and elbows. People that make the work flow smoothly, efficiently and increase production are worth good money. That or buy more kit and try and lose some staff where possible.


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