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  1. Hate to be 'that guy'. But it would be really simple to get a new knife tested tested, find out exactly what it is and get a load of new ones ground off a bar. I am certain there will be better products out there for chipper knives but they are probably prohibitively expensive. Metals such as inconel would be great to use in machines but the costs would start to get silly, where the costs outweigh the benefits.
  2. Last year they had 30million in the bank and 40million total assets. So id be pretty confident in dealing with them. Assuming its the same company based in Northern Ireland
  3. Good job I prefaced my post by saying my mind was fairly simple. Maybe one day i'll get something right
  4. I'm fairly simple minded but I think you have this totally wrong. When we work on rental properties 90% of the time the property owner is paying. We will not do any more or less than what is specified. The tenants often ask for bits and bobs, I tell them to ask the owner because we are not touching a thing. In a normal situation where you are dealing with the customer we will do the "can you just........". However when the tenant doesn't own the property, garden, trees, land, hedges etc we will not do anymore that agreed with the owner. The tenants opinion is of no relevance and I would not want to be in a position where we had done something the owner did not want us to do. It should have been sorted during the quote stage and by your own admittance later in the thread they did a good job of reducing the confier hedge, which is probably what was agreed with the owner.
  5. All of those are lovely ideas! Good luck persuading any of the big developers to do anything different when they are making very good money with the current plan. The government made a rod for every poor soul who brought a new build home when the 20% help to buy started. Unfortunately all it did was allowed developers to make even more money on the plot and most people aren't smart enough to work out what was happening. Really a shame for people struggling to buy a house, but often they want something new and shiny (poorly built and too expensive)
  6. The question is. Does your dislike for the person wanting to implement the trackers supersede your will to take his money? If it were me I'd be doing as little as possible for as much as possible and milking it till I got sacked off. Also, if you need an ipad to get this sofware I wouldn't be paying for it (out of principle) Sounds bad, but I also don't work for people I don't like or trust so this issue should never arise.
  7. I had one made for the skid steer. It has plastic tines and a grab bar so the grapple can pick it up to use. Works well on tarmac and will push some quite big piles about. However it doesn't work on grass at all, just mushes the material into the grass. The best one I have seen is the American Branch manager I think. Pretty sure its got longer, stiffer steel tines and seems to comb the material through the grass, I assume it basically scarifies it as well. If anyone knows where to get these from (other than America!) I would be interested? Just need the brush bit, I can get the holder made for the machine it will go on. Thanks
  8. We simple folk prefer the term "Hick from the sticks"
  9. I love all of those things but really hate swearing, it is awful and the scourge of our country.
  10. Dealer margins on cars are terrible. If they had to sell cars with no finance or servicing they would all be bust in a week. It's the manufacturer that is taking all the profit from the sale of the new vehicle not the dealer. Which is why most manufacturers are self financing or PCPing in order to allow more people to be able to afford ever more expensive cars. On a side note how is a poverty spec Golf ever worth 25K or an Audi A6 nearly 50, its madness. Also, sometimes they dealer has a stocking loan with a lender. If they don't put a certain amount of borrowing their way in a month or quarter then the rate goes up on the stocking loan. Always a handy question to ask if you want some cheap finance and they are short one month.
  11. Got a mortgage? Though I do agree in principle, when you can finance Christmas presents from a catalog or a £500 sofa then it gets a bit silly.
  12. Not sure on the details of it to be honest as its very specific to the car trade. Forestry Finance would be the man to ask or I can give you a number to have a chat to. If its anything like a regulated CCA agreement then there are ways of getting out but its time dependent and also changes if your granddaughter is in Scotland as their rules are a little bit different I believe. PCP is just a way of keeping payments down on car that would/could cost more per month when done as HP agreement. This is to allow people to buy and run cars they possibly can't really afford and allows to dealers to sell more new car. The margins in new vehicle sales for manufacturers are unbelievable. It has mileage and damage clauses like a contract hire. In the end it makes no difference which way you skin it. A three year old car with 30k on the clock is worth x% less than when it was new. What's important is how much you still owe relative to how much its worth. I'm not in the finance industry, just know a tiny bit more than most because my dads been financing business assets for thirty odd years.
  13. This is a smart way of doing it. Though you might consider only keeping the machine 3-5 years. The difference in cost of ownership over the period would be very minimal and you would get a shiny new digger with warranty more often. Tree surgery kit is easy to finance because the residuals are high, rates on it should be good as well. Want to finance a printing machine, floor cleaning equipment, workshop tools (not spanners and sockets) etc and things get more difficult as they are items that are basically worthless very quickly. On the vehicle PCP issue. I once had someone say to me they were going to use a credit card to pay the deposit on PCP for a brand new car. The person earn't around 16-18k and wanted a 35k car. I suggested this was not sensible however the car dealer had it all agreed ready to go. Never found out if they signed the paperwork but it sounded frightening to me.
  14. I have been saying this to people for the last three years. Although I believe PCP or whatever acronym they are using now is the problem. JLR are downsizing, Honda closing in the UK, it will happen. One things for sure, i'm gonna have a lovely choice of fairly new one owner cars in a couple of years time. When they can't afford to keep up the repayments and the dealers wont take the car back as its worth substantially less than is owed. Always stuck to no balloon, 36-48 months with at least a 20% (EDIT +20%VAT) deposit. If you cant make those numbers (or better) work then you cant afford what you want.
  15. That looks good. Can you set it to free float or turn the grab manually and locate it with a pin? Who is that grab manufactured by? Thanks


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