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The Official Raffle results

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Thanks everyone for taking part in the raffle...special thanks to the sponsors for making this possible.

I'd also like to thank Alex Whyte for taking time out to help with the draw.

Below is the full list of the prizes with their numbers and winners.



1 Bosky T-shirt. Green 42, High scale


1 years subscription to Euroarb. Green 297, Edenarb


1 Diamond grinding disc. Green 762, Jpbeaver


1 Diamond grinding disc. Yellow 21, Mr Ed


1 Diamond grinding disc. Green 945, Roller


1 Pair of Haix boots. Green 469, Nailer


1 Pair of log tongs&holder. Green 279, Buzz


Silky pole saw. Green 541, Tony Sorenson


Marlow Gecko rope. Green 490, Tockmal


1 Karabiner. Green 28, High scale


1 karabiner. Green 532, Tony Sorenson


1 Karabiner. Green 935, Logologist


1 Karabiner. Green 299, Edenarb


1 Karabiner. Green 858, RC0


1 Karabiner. Green 746, Treemonster


1 Sawpod Green 99, Blue


1 pair of Arblite trousers. Green 937, Roller


1 years subscription to Totalarb. Green 647, Bob


Yale Scorch rope. Green 162, Skyhuck


1 Pack of sticky gloves. Green 781, Skyhuck


1 Pack of sticky gloves. Green 110, Yorkshireman


5 Gallons of chain oil. Green 74, Big A


1 Gallon of 2 stroke oil. Green 533, Tony Sorenson


1 Box of files. Yellow 3, Acestumper


1 Box of files. Green 383, bigGUN


1 12" chain. Green 737, Raafbeard


1 12" chain. Yellow 2, Acestumper


Lucky Alpha climbing helmet. Green 892, Charlieh


1 Stretch Air jacket. Green 14, W.Jarvis


1 Samurai saw straight blade. Yellow 11, Mr Ed


1 Samurai saw curved blade. Green 651, Bob


Orange Plant merchandise. Green 265, Buzz


1 days chipper hire. Green 123, Bob


Stump grinding guard. Green 687, Bill


and the grand prize, a Laptop computer. Green 914, Jay




As im exceptionally busy at the moment it would make life a lot easier for me if you could all pm me your details, and where applicable, sizes. I can then arrange for delivery of your prize.

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