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  1. Unfortunately this sums up a lot of training. Candidates are being instructed to pass an assessment, which a lot of instructors should not be deemed as competent in. Getting more and more of a box ticking exercise with little consideration to the real working environment. There are some really good instructors out there but a lot of reputations are built on price, pass rate and enjoyment! The people reviewing the training should be those that are experienced and working with someone after training. Training is never going to produce a finished article, but a safe foundation should be the minimum.
  2. RPA

    How much?

    Might be a strange question but its got me beat! Been using my Iveco for a long time but due to the business changing its not getting the use it needs. Its a 5.2T 2003 model with 95000km on it. It trundles along fine, uses no oil, grumbles a bit and has always had a gearbox you have to love (a bit stiff!). We did the conversion on it when purchased, shortening the tipper bed and putting on the aly box. She has a net weight of 2.75T so a good legal load capacity over 2.5T. Being 5.2T it is on a (restricted) operator licence. What i dont know is how much to ask if I do decide to sell her? Any experience of what has been paid for something similar would be appreciated! This is not a classified add. I have not actually made up my mind to sell yet
  3. RPA


    Thanks for replies. Guess I will do some pieces for indoors only then
  4. RPA


    Sorry this will have been asked before! Got some large lumps of Lime, wondering what the stability will be like? I know it will be easy to work but not sure about life span of carvings. Because its large will be bigger and more expensive carving therefore don't want to do something that decays on the customer in a short time! Grateful for any experience/advice on Lime. Thanks
  5. We have been running our own training courses for a while now but have decided to make a clean break from other business interests and launch forestry-training.uk and arb-training.uk. More info on courses etc will follow. We will be at the Royal Highland Show this week next to the Forestry Arena so if you are about call in for a crack. Richard forestry-training.uk arb-training.uk
  6. Its a pleasure Even sent 3 dogs his flash Stihl gloves, moaning git

    <p>Hello Richard, I'm looking for CS30 and CS31 courses in cumbria sometime in Jan / Feb, i noticed you had some interest already on a previous thread and would be keen to do something soon, i did try to call the number on your facebook page so have left a voicemail. </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Thanks in advance! Dave</p>


  8. Just to clarify what we are offering the winner- A training course of their choice at our venue in Cumbria. Chainsaw maintenance/x cut/fell and process small trees, although two courses is normally ran as one so we are offering this as an option. The same applies to climb trees/perform rescue. The winner can choose to book an assessment at the end of the training or organize their own. If the module/unit has the option of integrated assessment this can be done for the cost of registration with NPTC if required. So basically we are giving free training up to 5 days with the option of assessment at cost if requested. The winner can chose any course we are running from chipper through to sectional dismantling, wind-blow, skidder, etc. Richard
  9. RPA

    Mounting VIO POV HD

    Think it was £125.
  10. RPA

    Mounting VIO POV HD

    Yep on watch strap with remote. Biggest problem is the main units bulk. Dont like too much crap on harness but would seem the best way to find a safe suture way of mounting it. Only thought at moment wold be inside a small throw bag. Cable a bit of a pita as we also tend to use Stein PTT on rigging so can get a bit twisted up! Vid a bit boring because we both managed to accidentally turn the main unit off in our pockets so missed the chogging down etc!
  11. Got a POV HD for decent money on fleebay the other month and had a bit go with it today. Learning curve with using it (like putting the key-lock on to stop accidentally turning it off!). Biggest thing at moment is mounting, mainly the control unit. Anyone any good solutions for clipping to harness safely etc. Just had it in thigh pocket today and not ideal. Also the helmet mounts for the camera don't seen to stick well! (cleaned helmet before attaching) An advice appreciated
  12. We are doing 30/31 w/c 15th December, based at Penrith. Assessment can be arranged for the Saturday following the course. Richard http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/upcoming-courses-training-event-dates/80378-chainsaw-old-units-30-31-w-c-15th-dec-cumbria.html
  13. Ste We will hopefully running both before Xmas but might be too far for you (near Penrith in Cumbria). Could also try TKF who are a bit closer to you. Give me a pm if you need any help Richard


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