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    self employed tree surgeon, just a small business and i like it that way. i still sub aswell.
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  1. jpbeaver

    Arb Body

    He’s built hundreds of chip boxes for unimogs and quite often sees them 15-20 years later still going.
  2. jpbeaver

    Arb Body

    Yeah 7.5t with 3.5t towing capacity. Similar physical size to a transit though.
  3. jpbeaver

    Arb Body

    How do you work that out?
  4. jpbeaver

    Arb Body

    My new chip box on the little truck. I need to have a proper measure up but should hold about 10 cube.
  5. I’m definitely not jealous ?
  6. That’s a decent size and spec crane. Is it a 7.5t front axle? What size grab have you gone for? I’m jealous of your extensions, I looked into getting another extension for mine and it was going to be £3k plus fitting for another 1.6m reach.
  7. Its a Hiab by the look of it. What size crane is it? Is it piped for a grab and rotator? Its a similar but newer version of mine with more sticks.
  8. jpbeaver

    Arb Body

    Tidy looking truck Swinny.
  9. A few pictures from this week. Craning down an Oak that had been previously hacked and removing a knackered Beech using a 33m tracked MEWP.
  10. Try Graham Fawcett 07767 386006 I know he has a cheap tracked and an older tow behind Jensen for sale.
  11. Get an accountant to sort it all for you. They will save you more than they cost you.
  12. I pay £50 a month for yard space on an industrial unit to park my truck for my operating centre. mpg I’ve never worked out, it works out a lot cheaper than a 3.5t truck to run though as you’re doing far fewer trips. I’ve just applied for another vehicle on my Operators licence so I can run a 7.5t Canter instead of a 3.5t truck.
  13. Yeah it was up for sale for a while. I think if it had been further down south it would of sold a lot sooner. If I decide to sell it I’ll probably put it on here anyway.
  14. jpbeaver

    Hook loader

    I’m guessing by not looking in to wether they need one or not.
  15. jpbeaver

    Hook loader

    A hook loader will leave you with barely any payload on a transit.


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