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  1. 6.5 ton insurance

    Trust insurance do my 18t truck. Worth trying them.
  2. Steel Viper. UK Morbark Dealership

    The specs are more like a vermeer 935.
  3. Steel Viper. UK Morbark Dealership

    The X7 has a 7" X 10" infeed so it's not just 1" bigger it's nearly double the capacity of a 6" X 6" chipper.
  4. Tp150 radiator, lombardini 1003 engine

    I can recommend these guys. http://www.mrsheattransfer.com Really helpful, gave a guide price over the phone.
  5. the 'todays job' thread

    It must just be the light Chris.
  6. the 'todays job' thread

    The lawn looks well considering it had a fully loaded 18t truck running over it repeatedly.
  7. the 'todays job' thread

    A few from a recent job. 2 Beech to come down over a power line, footpath, patio, cottages, old wall and a folly.
  8. 2 vans or 7.5 toner

    My mate had this mog with about 11m reach And another mate has this 55t hiab with over 20m reach And this 4x4 merc 1820 You can never have too many friends with cranes.
  9. 2 vans or 7.5 toner

    Yeah, I had quite a bit of interest in it. The first person to come up and see it bought it. Have you seen the 55 plate 6.5t Iveco for sale on Facebook? Looks tidy and not silly money.
  10. 2 vans or 7.5 toner

    The Iveco was great, it was a lump shorter and 6" narrower. It was a lot more manoeuvrable.
  11. 2 vans or 7.5 toner

    No it's been a tree truck since new. My sign writer described it as a wanky beige Iraqi army surplus beast.
  12. 2 vans or 7.5 toner

    It's just over 7m and will lift 1.25t at full reach. It's really handy, I wouldn't want to go back to working without a crane.
  13. 2 vans or 7.5 toner

    £1000 for 5 years. It's hardly expensive. How much is the fine for being overloaded? How much will your insurance go up by after getting points for being overloaded? My truck is 8'6 wide and 26' long. Yeah it costs more to run than a transit but I don't need to empty every 30 minutes either. It won't go down every drive but it is surprising where it'll go.
  14. 2 vans or 7.5 toner

    Getting an operators license isn't hard or expensive. There are plenty of trucks to choose from apart from 3.5t transits and unimogs.
  15. Grab swivel

    It's just a large bolt, no bearings on mine.


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