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  1. What a load of conjecture and tosh. Nick paid around 360k, less trade in on an older machine after viewing it working in Germany back last year. The operators name is Russ not Ross. He's a great guy. If it wasn't for Ed and I Nick wouldn't have even known this machine existed. I was present at the meetings discussing it's purchase. The choice was between the Heizohack at 180k (price offered at the APF last year) and the Jenz. Nick went for the Jenz as he liked the build quality over the Heizohack. Good luck to them, it was bought to realize the small parcels of logwood in tree surgeons yard that I identified when i worked for them. Takes a brave man to invest that amount of money for such small returns. One man, one unit, quick setup times and good production. I prefer the Heizohack having operated both machines as it has far superior in feed ability which is the crux of all whole tree chippers.
  2. What are the differences Rich ?
  3. Buzz

    promotion ?

    I did a similar thing with the Unimog and all my kit in the centre of Guildford some years ago for The Surrey Advertiser, Woking Chambers of Commerce and The Prince's Trust. Generated loads of business but you have to rely on interest in the kit to get talking to people. If you have time make up some display boards and some leaflet dispensers. Good Luck
  4. Is that my parents ? if so have fun mate !! lol
  5. Yep remember that classic LOL
  6. I spat my tea out when i read that LOL
  7. Have you got a decent contact in NE you can discuss issues with ?
  8. I take it you know about this mate - Forestry Commission - Woodland Planning Grant Might shoot yourself in the foot with HLS though.
  9. I could be going mad but i'm pretty sure i paid less than 1k for Anna's TWTS course in Summer 2008.
  10. Spent most of my teenage years doing stuff like that on canals. Good find !
  11. Huge issue ! Welcome to ArbTalk. Generally speaking I think the teaching is of a very high standard. The problem is expectations. Younger students seem to think they will walk out of college and be swinging around trees as a competent climber straight away or come out thinking they'll go start their own business. Obviously this is a generalization and thankfully there are exceptions to the rule BUT when youngsters can earn more money sat on their bums in Tesco's texting their mates on alot more money than they will earn in arb initially that becomes a rosy option. Youngsters do not have the work ethic of older employees in the most part. The best Arb trainees I have seen have been ex-Forces personnel who have a strong work ethic. The camaraderie of tree work also appeals to them and they fit in quick. I don't think colleges are the problem, I think the system is the problem and society as a whole which has bred a playstation generation.
  12. Buzz

    E bay troubles

    Yeah who'd do a silly thing like that eh
  13. You were done !! I paid ALOT less than that for Anna's 10 week tree surgery course at Merrist Wood !


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