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    Down on the bayou, Louisiana by God!
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    Enjoying life until I die!
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    Independant Tree Climber

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  1. MasterBlaster

    Facebook tree guy sites.

    Hey Steve! You'd better get to bed!
  2. MasterBlaster

    Facebook tree guy sites.

    FaceBook can kiss my facebutt.
  3. MasterBlaster

    Nice picture that I didn't take

    I'd be the coolest kid in town if I had one of those over here.
  4. MasterBlaster

    a proper chopper Job,

    Man, that was a tough video to watch. Glad the fella didn't get smushed. Oh, and... NO STUBS!
  5. MasterBlaster

    Something new for 2012

    Those are some OUTSTANDING looking tee shirts, Steve! Good on you! I definitely will be wanting one!
  6. MasterBlaster

    Paul Gbegjabe and Robert Johnson.

    I want some of what the OP's smoking!
  7. MasterBlaster

    Forestry in Russia

    That's one way to clean the undercarriage!!!
  8. MasterBlaster

    Toys for boys...

    Nice site!
  9. MasterBlaster

    No country for old men.

    Unusual ending.
  10. MasterBlaster

    workout app

    Well how 'bout that! Tre cool!
  11. MasterBlaster

    Guess what day it is?

    Geez, does she sing thru her nose whore whut???
  12. MasterBlaster

    how about this for a tree house!

    Pretty frigging cool!!! I'd like to live in that crazy place!
  13. MasterBlaster

    What can I do?

    Trees are TUFF and can surprise you.
  14. MasterBlaster

    What can I do?

    You could always leave it leaning, just brace it. Remove the deadwood from the base and apply some type of insecticide.
  15. MasterBlaster

    Look at this.

    Dagnabbit! I missed it!


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