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  1. Wow, that's a biggun BBC News - Leylandii: Why are they still so popular?
  2. grim72


    Or what do you call a fat laptop? A dell
  3. My house was invaded with cornfly this weekend after the first harvest. irritating little bleeders get everywhere and you can feel them even when they're not there. Grrrr.
  4. I'm off to tie some scarfs around the crocodile enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo
  5. Wailing cats get my blood boiling, thankfully dont seem to get them up herebut used to drive me mad - must have lost half a dozen shoes/slippers/mugs chucking things out the window at them when I used to live in Huddersfield. Also reminds me of the time as a student when some cretin decided to start turning up on our road at about 2am to see his druggy friends across the way from us and stick his cars music up as far as it would go whilst shouting across the way to his mates from his car. I managed to put up with it for two nights before I totally lost my rag. We didn't live in the best of student accomodation and we used to have an old sledge hammer at the bottom of the stairs which as used as a door stop and 'just in case' burglar deterrant. Much to my girlfriend's dismay and protest I deceided enough was enough. I put my slippers and dressing gown on and stomped down the stairs, threw the sledge hammer over my shoulder, walked up to the car and bent down to speak to the driver. I told him what I thought of his new routine of keeping me awake and gave him two options. He could turn his music off, turn his car around and drive away with an acceptance that he would not do the same again. Or, I could stop him from doing it again by swinging the sledge hammer through his windscreen and continue the swing so that it continued into his ugly face, at which point I would turn the music down for him. He chose the first option and I never heard him again. Oh the life of a student, them were the days.
  6. That's one of best I've seen, if that's really your first go then I think you are a natural.
  7. Look good, not sure about the soft focus photography though - looks like something from an 80s porn movie:thumbup1:
  8. That is crazy, how on earth does that work then? Put's the theory of gravity to the test!
  9. An article on the BBC News website BBC News - Wiltshire's football-pitch-sized plane tree sets record I don't think the picture matches up very well mind.
  10. Did my one and only skydive over Lake Taupo, amazing scenery - couldnt think of a better place to do it. Would love to do another.
  11. Looks great, I got married in the treehouse at Alnwick Gardens - well worth a visit for anyone not been there. A great day out for the kids and amazing gardens. The Alnwick Garden
  12. I guess the title says it all really but you can read the details at the link below Sunderland gardener killed himself by eating tree - Local - Sunderland Echo
  13. In my student days, my best mate was my guardian angel, always managing to drag me home rather than leave my lying in a ditch somewhere, the guy was a saint and still my best mate 15 years later. One night, I was somehow slightly more sober than him and so I returned the favour, half carried, half staggered back home. Managed to stumble up the stairs (maybe one or two bumps and bruises into the bargain) and thought I'd be extra nice and put his heater on for him to keep him warm. Next morning he woke up with the biggest heat blister I've ever seen covering his entire leg where I had dumped him slap bang in front of the electric fire. Needless to say I try to avoid being helpful these days.He still thinks he must have fallen asleep there himself - I'm sure he doesnt need to know I dumped him there - still its the thought that counts isnt it?
  14. Monkey, think you buy from the most expensive supplier out there - they are extortionate in everything they sell (quality is decent thought). You can order direct from Skipper - Skipper?* | Puchase or they have a list of distributors of you want to check them out to see if there are any bargains. Aspli have a good price (couldnt be bothered searching the others - http://www.aspli.com/products/1383/skipper-barrier-tape-fittingr
  15. Recent updates: http://www.chilternvoice.co.uk/2011/05/04/new-outbreaks-of-oak-processionary-moth-opm-not-too-far-away/ New outbreaks of Oak Processionary Moth confirmed | Amateur Gardening Oak Processionary Moth - Health Risks - Gristwood & Toms - 08458 731500


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