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  1. used fair bit mostly for crane work, saves work on moving round the stem. always clip it to your system as mentioned before, defo the go. i find if you lock your arm you can start the cut not bad, can move around abit at the start. easier to use smaller saw but takes more time. i would never climb up with a 88, thats way you are chogging down or crane. make sure you leave it running, starting if a pain in the tree. Key is good work positioning fellas
  2. sweet, i get a pair and then every time i get to the ground i swap boots. perfect! it will be interesting to see what market these guys hit. i dont really see it sorry
  3. MOG


    Cheers bro, had to think twice about that swing. and had to grab tail end of my rope too, or i would of been stuffed.
  4. MOG

    Stihl ETCC 2014

    yeah would be great to get more supporters
  5. MOG


    heres the Vid
  6. MOG

    Stihl ETCC 2014

    great time, all round. Mog
  7. MOG


    Sorry didnt get to a PC soon enough. cheers for the post Reg. Super stoked, and Jo got her Glam slam. doesnt get better than that. Glam Slam= Chapter, Euro's, Worlds. i think only 3 chicks have got this and no guys yet. was a super fun comp and well setup and great feel. Cheers Mog
  8. cheers bro, yeah hard! throwlining needs abit of luck and a straight head. haha next year dunno about that...
  9. Looking nice but bit of a dip on top left hand side dude, maybe did last taper bit far. on the bigger splices
  10. yep, i had a shocker in the throwline. and needed thoses points, to get me too the masters i placed 13th overall and jungle placed last he also had a shocker and was very nervous. but was great to be there and stoked for Jo and Gumpy for taking it out.now looking forward to Euro's need to do bit throwline practice. Zero is not gonna cut it. cheers Mog
  11. MOG

    New shoes

    Ended up getting pair of Salwea Rapace and Dachstein Crest HLS EV. think switch them up and they last very long time (hopefully). i dont see the pantin as a issue tbh.
  12. MOG


    sold it too a friend in the end, they give me one with a too bing DMM ring on end. so chopped it off and put my own retriever on. But i climbed with my friend everyday this wk and have to say it works very well. the Big ring on end is rather heavy tho and big, but comes well down. Pros and cons i guess. for the money i think its a good buy basically, and everything is Certified.
  13. MOG

    New shoes

    ok, great if you need crampons. we see how they go but gonna try get pair thoses dachstein climbing boot too if i can find the right size.


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