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climbing when its raining

Ross Smith

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i know climbers that do it and dont have a problem with it.i just cant get into it plus the added danger and potentially falling ill and having more time off keep me well clear of it.

just wanted to hear the hardcores out their who crack on or the wimps that call it a day.

im preparing myself for the "up north we just crack on you southern softy "bring it on. :001_tongue:

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LA, so not under the same financial pressures as the majority here.


Only climb in seriously wet/icy conditions, if the job is deemed an emergency.


From my position, I see no worth in saturating climbing and rigging kits and more importantly increasing the the risks and fatigue levels.


Then again, I'm your quintessential Southern Softie :001_tongue:




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If i'm out and it starts raining i will crack on and get it finished, if it's raining to start with im at home, hate it when all the kit is soaking laying around to dry saws chocked up with wet crap etc then feeling ill all weekend, i'm a northen softie i guess:001_tongue:

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There must be safety implications to working in the rain, heavy rain that is. Depending on what you are doing of course. Spiking something small may be ok, but deadwooding big planes must be more of a risk.


Employees who are told they must work no matter what are put under the most risk. They then are working while feeling pissed off and wet! This is twice as dangerous as just being wet.


Those of us who have a choice are just going to get wet! If you start in the dry then its not so bad but I hate starting in the rain, and I have a lot of nice kit that I don't want ruined. I'm sure the damage to kit and moral is higher than the profit margins anyway.


I've always got a list of jobs to do, servicing chippers etc etc. These jobs get fitted in when possible and so wet days are often welcome in order to catch up on the chores.


Its a great feeling when you back to work the following (dry) day with all clean and sharp saws, serviced truck and chipper etc.


We've had a wet summer but we only actually lost three days due to rain, and maybe three more since new year. I'm sure any company can afford this many lost days as long as the days are getting used wisely looking after the expensive stuff, which then helps it all to retain its value.


I can now get all my kit, truck etc indoors so we have no excuse!

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Being a subbie I go with whatever company wants to do on the day.


Normally they carry on in the rain - which is fine because if they didn't I would be sent home with no cheque for the day.


If I turn up I expect to get paid! If they don't want to climb thats OK but there is normaly somthing else to do!:sad:

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