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  1. Standard break in and take everything! Dont want to talk about saws etc. just thought I'd mention the climbing kit. Its all top end stuff, if it doesn't get chucked its bound to end up with someone eventually.
  2. Yep, the one on the right is gone! With a pinto rig pulley on it.
  3. Two kit bags of climbing kit gone. Treemotion plus lots of fancy kit inc srt kit, zig zag and chicane etc etc. All metal work engraved "RW" plus a 2 digit number. The only rope was a newish adrenaline 55m lots of karabiners, pulleys, rope guides etc.
  4. Rupe

    New LDV Chip truck

    Both ldvs have a roof box. So the transit will have when converted. Full chapter 8 signage stowed out of the way but there when you need it. Plus a few bits. No one has ever tried to break into either of them.
  5. Rupe

    New LDV Chip truck

    1st day of work for the new truck, making do with the other LDV as a chip truck and the transit for logs for now, until I get the chip box/tipper put on the transit.
  6. Rupe

    New LDV Chip truck

    No, ldvs (well convoys) stopped at 2005/6 so not worth trying to find one. Going transit! Will swop the tipper etc over as before.
  7. Rupe

    New LDV Chip truck

    Hopefully tomorrow.
  8. Rupe

    New LDV Chip truck

    Its a sad day but the old LDV is no more! Almost exactly 10 years out of her and she gives up back at the yard in her usual parking space! The truth is she packed up 2 months ago and we've been half trying to fix it and half looking for a new truck and in the end the decision was obvious, get a new truck and stop patching up the old. Fuel injector pump has gone and the next mot will be expensive anyway, plus the last 2 MOTs were expensive, time to say goodbye and build a new one, watch this space!
  9. First proper trial yesterday. Worked the top of the tree Ddrt and then attached my line to a stem for srt. Worked the tree abit thenback up to retrieve the end for Ddrt. Worked really well. The chicane ascends well. The zig zag needs to be attached (via its 2nd hole) to a chest harness, I use a Chester, but then that attachment doesn't need to be removed like a neck tether would. So you can fairly seamlessly go up and down. I was on spikes so I just walked back up the tree when ready. Tip roping lombardies so lots of up down up down!
  10. Tries the chicane with a hitch, today. Didnt really mean to, but was exiting the tree for tea break and so I converted my Ddrt Hitch set up to SRT to descend and happened to have the chicane with me ( I was using zig zag on another tree earlier). It works really well but the hitch gets too close to the chicane really. I use a short knut hitch and it worked just about. A VT (they are usually longer) would hit the chicane and that would be risky!
  11. Ive done it with a trailer behind a quad in 2008 last time. You can move the trailer in and out quick with a quad. As I remember we were running the logs out to a car park on the edge of a park, to be collected later, so only needed 2-3 logs per trip.
  12. The next thing to try would be the chicane with a hitch and HC. If petzl (or anybody) made a pulley with holes that only accept the new OK karabiner then that would make a rigid system on a midline attachable system.
  13. Never tried one, but yes, probably a better option. Akimbo maybe if it ever gets released.


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