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  1. Quad bike insurance

    My only thought if not for road use is don't insure it! Presuming it's covered for theft along with all other tools it doesn't necessarily need it's own policy.
  2. Quad bike insurance

    Oh ok. Vehicle insurance required then. How about asking on a quad forum and insuring it for road use just to make it legal. Don't worry about insuring it for work purposes.
  3. Quad bike insurance

    Are you driving it on the road?
  4. Schultz climbing video

    Great vid from you too Reg! I'm off to the Arb show tomorrow, will be lots of "experts" there to, and many of the other description too showing us how to do riggin or whatever the fk that is! I've just bought some SRT stuff so it might be time for me to end my ignorance!
  5. The time has finally come

    Yes, will try to.this year. Missed everyone last year. Lots to catch up I think??!!
  6. The time has finally come

    Yes, chainsaw protection. Still got some life left in my other boots so might keep them for spiking. Not sure yet.
  7. The time has finally come

    Only ever used a homemade haas and it was never right. Boots was the only thing I actually needed so quite an expensive shopping spree.
  8. The time has finally come

    All set! Got no other climbing kit at home so not much else I can do with it all!!
  9. The time has finally come

    What have I started!?
  10. The time has finally come

    I guess having the tether on top hole of HC might add flex in the sytem? Give it a try. Im home now and my stuff was delivered to the butchers at the end of my road (standard for UPS) so will go and get it first thing in morning. Not working for another week though.
  11. When is it too late to change careers?

    No, I mean another scheduled job as part of the same days planned work. I'm being a bit facisous of course but what I mean is the jobs people complain about are often much easier, so much so that another job can be booked in for the same day. When my planned day is done we go home and if there's a spare hour we prepare saws or whatever for the next day. I never squeeze an extra job in just for £££.
  12. When is it too late to change careers?

    And thanks for the welcome back!!
  13. When is it too late to change careers?

    I regularly hear that people are ganging after a tough afternoon of ripping apart a 3ft deep pile of brash!! I prefer 20 minutes of chipping a pre organise array if 50 bundles of chip able stuff and then get another job in!! Pace is about the team and the climber us only one eliminate. Sometimes the climber needs to slow down so that the team can finish quicker.
  14. When is it too late to change careers?

    But what I mean by pace is more than just hard work. I've seen people work there nuts off but still fail to complete the task because they are not efficient. An efficient working team can achieve more than simple hard work. But that efficiency needs learning. The simple act of avoiding an idiot pile can take some people 6 months to learn.
  15. When is it too late to change careers?

    Sounds like you have it covered. I meant to add that you welding skills are very useful as well as your (I assume) pre 97 driving license? I'd employ good drivers over good climbers, in the first instance, they are more useful.


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