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Light Weight Pallet Forks for Compact Tractor - Kubota B3030 - LA403

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Hey every one


I live on a small holding and after a long time saving we have bought our first Tractor. A kubota B3030


The first implement I'm looking at is getting is a pair of pallet forks, one of its main jobs is to move log wood around.


Im getting a Euro 8 bracket fitted, but our local Agri engineer is struggling to find some lighter weight Pallet forks. Most of them seem to be rated up to 2.5 ton. And the Bracket and forks combined weigh up to and over 200kg, the loader it self is only capable of lifting 400kg at full height. I know I won't be lifting logs at full height but i'm trying to get the most out of the light weight loader.


Any help would be appreciated, Ive contacted a few fabricators on Ebay.


Im waiting for the responses " should of bought a bigger tractor mate"


Thank you very much




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2 minutes ago, Stihl123 said:

i got a set of these, use on my kubota b2100

aren't heavy at all



3 point linkage mounted pallet forks 500kg maximum capacity FREE 2 YEARS RTB WARRANTY if you have any questions then please dont hesitate to call us or email us on...




he wants em for a loader not 3pl our kid.


but tbf he'd prob lift more on the 3pl anyway.


Better off getting something fabbed up than add weight of euro bracket.

or for a very cheap option make some forks that slide onto the bucket 👍


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Things like forks have to be rated, usual reasons of safety that's why they are a default for around 2.5ton.


What's the loader currently fitted on the tractor used for ?.


That's not a you need a bigger tractor reply, but a 2m bucket is about 200kg empty, so the 3 point option is actually a good idea.

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Hey Guys


Cheers for the replies - Yes I can use the rear 3 point linkige but I don't want to be reversing around the woods and i'll be stacking logs to atleast 3ft high. But a good point.


Its currently fitted with a 1.3mtr wide bucket, and to be honest I dont know what it weighs but its probably atleast 150kg + on its own. I've not been moving much with the bucket yet. Just the odd lumps of hardcore dotted around.


Cheers for the replies though lads, it has raised a good few points!

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2 minutes ago, Will C said:

It is possible to weld a euro bracket to a lightweight 3pl set of forks and be able to still use the 3pl brackets giving the best of both worlds. 

Lift would only be around 3 ft at max, even on a big tractor possibly 4.

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I think you are going to be in for a shock at just how dangerous it is to be lifting heavy loads at height with a loader. I will be honest and say it terrifies me and my tractor is a fair bit bigger than that.

Rear mounted forks or even a rear mounted fork lift are very much safer.

Other than that. go on eBay and find the cheapest 3 point linkage forks and get someone to weld a euro 8 bracket on. The brackets cost about £60 already welded onto a "H" plate.

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36 minutes ago, GarethM said:

Lift would only be around 3 ft at max, even on a big tractor possibly 4.

The  loader will lift higher than 3ft! But the forks would be usable back or front to suit the weight being moved and/or the height needed

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