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Make The BBC a TV subscription (pay as you go) channel


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decision has already been made the lice fee is going. It will be a voluntary netflix style model in my opinion. They will have to shrink as obviously all the feckless will immediately stop paying as no court action and a high percentage of everyone else (me included) would only pay a small fee for radio only, couple quid a month maybe.


Maybe we could offload it to our jock friends once they go independant ? Couple tame haggis and a fivers worth of jockish francs.



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Guest Gimlet

I don't know how they're going to make it work. You can already watch anything via BBC i-player without registering or being a license holder. It's hard to see how they can disentangle all the BBC's tentacles and make it pay as you go. Does that mean all BBC television output will move to satellite? If it does and you're not a subscriber they will presumably encrypt i-player so only subscribers can unlock it with a PIN. But what if you watch it on someone else's device? With the multitude of ways available to access online content it will be next impossible to police. 

And what if you only listen to BBC radio in the car? How will they charge for that?

It's going to be nightmarishly difficult and will take many years. Just scrapping the license fee at a stroke and turning the BBC into a commercial broadcaster overnight won't be possible. 


The trouble is the BBC has grown far to big and too complex and far to politicised and there's been massive mission creep from its original function as a public service broadcaster. It's without question unfit for purpose and to levy a polltax on everyone owning TV receiving equipment to fund an unaccountable and intensely political and propagandist organisation whether or not they watch its output or support its world view is a democratic outrage. But reforming the whole BBC empire so that we are left with anything workable or worth paying for without dismantling it completely and starting again will be extraordinarily difficult. And the entire civil service and almost every public body in the country will have to reformed at the same time because the BBC is just one strand of the unelected liberal technocrat web. 

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