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Chain management in vans on site etc

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I used to be pretty bad for keeping old chains.


I came to the conclusion if you take them off there's a reason for that and you are better off getting shot of them.


My old gaffer had about 200 chains hung up in the workshop 'that would do for a dirty stump'.


None of them ever got used and I bet they are still there.


This thread reminds me I need to sort my (new) spare chains out. They are rattling around in the new garage/workshop somewhere after a house move.

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10 hours ago, Mark Bolam said:

I like keeping chains of all different lengths, pitches and gauges in a filthy, tangled, jumbled mess in an oil-soaked cardboard box under the rear seats in the truck.


Once a year throw the whole thing in a bin and buy a load of new chains.


Aye that's wot i seem to be doing except n lunch bags, wedge bags and every other work related bag I have. :D


I thought about using Tupperware type boxes but seen the price off them and wondered wot others do.

I'll have a look at those other things, my tablet or letting me open it the now.


Aye ammo boxes a bit too heavy lugging about a forestry site.


Ideally I would change everything to run on 3/8s and even change sprockets/bars etc so could run all the same chain no matter wot colour

Got a few smaller cc saws for some jobs so handy running Pico or 325 chain, they'd struggle stepping up to 3/8s


Got a few mates trying out the new husky X cut chain ( basically 325 Pico) . Really like it say cuts really quick even on up to 60cc saws. 

Althou bars a bit flimsy only 1.3mm guage I think.

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Bought a set of cheap Tupperware boxes in ALDI last year, stackable and click together so just 1 big box really.
Been running that new husky chain since last year, the .325 1.3, with a sugi bar on a 346, it’s a little ripper. Needs a fresh file every time I sharpen it though, it’s hard as hell!

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I keep the new chains in their boxes lined up in an old drawer in the back of the pick-up cab, and have stopped hoarding old chains as they never got re-used on dirty jobs or stumps just filled up bags and boxes. Same with files I keep them in the packet in a box file and chuck them when blunt. It has taken a massive change in my OCD to throw stuff out, used to hoard all sorts of crap in boxes. Wife made me do a "life laundry" and clear out all my old junk, was difficult at first but felt happier at the end and you can easily swing a cat in the shed now !!

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